Avon Lake

A man in a pickup truck reportedly followed three teenage girls while they walked along Electric Boulevard Saturday night.

The Avon Lake police responded to a call by the girls’ mother at 10:35 p.m. She told the police her daughters, ages 12, 14 and 19, were walking westbound on Electric Boulevard when they noticed a man driving a green pickup truck appeared to be following them from Lear Road. He pulled over at the intersection with Fredericksburg Drive, turned on his hazard lights and got out of the truck to follow them on foot.

The girls ran south on Fredericksburg. The 19-year-old called her mother on her cell phone, who came with her boyfriend to pick up her daughters. While searching for the man and the truck, the mother called the police. The police searched the area but were unable to find him.

Detective Sgt. Vince Molnar said the department wanted to release this information as a precaution. The three teens did as they should have when they thought they were in danger, he said. They traveled in a group a night, they had a cell phone and used it and they were observant of their surroundings.

“The issue is we can’t be sure as to the guy’s intentions,” he said. “He didn’t speak to the girls and didn’t try to force them into the truck.”

It’s possible there is a legitimate explanation to the man’s behavior, Molnar said. The girls perceived his actions as suspicious and acted correctly, he added. Because this occurred at night, the girls were unable to give the police an age range of the man. They did tell the police he was wearing a black hoodie.

Witnesses who pulled into their home on Fredericksburg told the police they saw the three girls running down the street, he said, and they appeared to be running for a reason. However, they did not see the man or his truck.

“I think the main point of this is to encourage people to be aware of their surroundings even if this was a misunderstanding or perceived differently than what it was,” Molnar said.


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