This article first appeared in the May 12, 2010, edition of The Press.

Avon Lake

The Quantico Marine Corps Jazz Ensemble is coming to Avon Lake High School, and the residents only have themselves to thank – and Rob Schneider Jr., father of the band’s pianist.

The elder Schneider, who set up the concert band’s performance last year, said the audience’s reaction and standing ovations for the Mother’s Day concert had an effect on the Marines.


“When the concert band saw the faces and the packed house, they have told me they want to come back to Avon Lake to play,” Schneider Jr. said. “They were so impressed with the community support at the concert.”


As a result, setting up this year’s concert was easy compared to last year, he said.


The performance this year will be by a smaller group within the band, the Jazz Ensemble. The ensemble tours on its own, he said, and is in high demand. It will play at the Peace Officers Memorial Tattoo in Cleveland May 22 before coming to Avon Lake.


The Jazz Ensemble will play contemporary and classic jazz standards. The songs will also feature vocalists, including Cpl. Rob Schneider III.


Tickets are free again, but like last year, there are a limited number. Schneider Jr. said there is a total of 980 tickets, but he’s already distributed 313 as of Thursday.


“They’re moving fast, which is good,” he said.


There is no standing room allowed in the auditorium. Schneider Jr. requested people who receive a ticket be sure they can attend. If not, he said they should give the tickets to someone who can use them to avoid having empty seats.


To reserve tickets, people should call his number, (440) 933-2469, and leave a message. He said he returns calls at night and puts the tickets into will-call at the auditorium. People can also call Avon Lake Councilmen Larry Meiners, Dave Kos and Dan Bucci, whose numbers are listed below.


Who: Quantico Marine Corps Jazz Ensemble

When:  3 p.m. May 23

Where:  Dr. Daniel Ross Performing  Arts Center

Cost: Free

Call: Bob Schneider at (440) 933-2469

Councilman at-Large Dan Bucci at (440) 930-0069

Ward 3 Councilman Larry Meiners at (440) 933-6629

Ward 4 Councilman David Kos at (440) 930-7737

Contact Bryan Wroten at


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