Area residents will pack the Avon BJ’s Wholesale Club parking lot this weekend in the hopes of having the chance to hear the phrase, “Come on Down!”

A contestant search for “The Price Is Right” game show will be held at the Avon BJ’s Wholesale Club from 11 a .m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The line will begin to form at 10 a.m.

The event will be held in a tent in the parking lot of the store and is open to individuals 18 years old or older.

As part of the contestant search process, hopefuls will be given a 30-second taped audition, in which they will explain, “Why do you want to be a contestant on ‘The Price Is Right’?”

BJ’s Wholesale Club spokesperson Kelly McFalls said hundreds of contestant wannabes showed up at the search last weekend in Revere, Mass.

“People did all sorts of things,” McFalls said of the contestants trying to stand out. “One lady sang. Another young mad did a rap. People were really vivacious and really wanted to be on the show. There were people who said they used to watch it (the show) with their mother.”

Other people made their own shirts and wore unique hats to stand out in the crowd, she said.

McFalls said she’s not sure why the Avon BJ’s was chosen for a contestant search spot. This year is BJ’s first year as a corporate sponsor of the show.

For rules and to download an application, which will need to be submitted at the time of the audition, visit http://dialedin.com/cbsdigital5/PIR_Cleveland.

According to “The Price Is Right” web page on cbs.com, contestants will be chosen from Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco and Denver.

“Two participants will be selected from each location to fly to Los Angeles and attend a taping of the legendary game show starting in fall 2010,” The website states. “A bidder’s spot on Contestants’ Row will be guaranteed to one of the two participants, who will learn if they are selected to “come on down” when they hear their name called during the show’s taping.”


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