The Rocky River Public Library will kick off a donation drive to support the Cleveland Animal Protective League on Saturday.

While the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on humans, animals have also been affected. The Rocky River Public Library hopes to ease those burdens with a donation drive. The ninth annual event is called Pet Party and it will begin Saturday

“This is an opportunity for people to learn about the Cleveland APL and help a good cause,” said organizer Megan Alabaugh. “Typically we would host a party at the library where the APL would bring in dogs and kittens for adoption, but because of the pandemic, we couldn’t do that. Instead we decided to run a donation drive.”

Donations, to be collected in the library’s main lobby, may include toys, food, blankets and towels. The drive will go through Oct. 24.

The library is also looking to collect homemade treats and toys. The library will provide kits with a dog-friendly recipe, a cookie cutter and cellophane bags. If you’d like to make toys instead, kits with materials will also be provided. To get a kit, register at

“Anything that we get will be useful,” Alabaugh said. “I know that times are difficult for a lot of people and we may not collect as much as previous years, but either way we’re grateful.”

The event coincides with another event the library is having, the Book-O-Lantern contest. Participants pick up pumpkins and decoration kits to carve their favorite literary scenes.

Pumpkins will be judged on Oct. 30 and the winner will receive a Halloween-related book. There are 50 pumpkins available and just two spots remaining, Adult Services Librarian Nicole Martin said last week.

Register for the pumpkin carving contest at You do not have to be registered for the contest to donate, Alabaugh said.

The Cleveland APL, 1729 Willey Ave. in Cleveland, helps more than 13,000 cats, dogs and other animals each year. In 2018, 5,945 animals were adopted, according to the APL’s 2018 annual report.

“Everybody loves animals and we have such a kind and generous community,” Alabaugh said. “We wanted to extend that generosity to the other organizations that could benefit from it.”

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