“Orange cone season” is expected to last into the fall this year, as city officials prepare for street and sidewalk repairs. On Monday, July 27, council was expected to approve two contracts totaling $773,591 for work including the 2020 street paving program and a sidewalk repair project. Work is expected to begin late next month and go until mid October, said Safety Service Director Rich Snyder.

The contracts include:

Repairing sidewalks damaged by tree growth in the West River Estates neighborhood south of Center Ridge Road. City Council awarded a $82,271 contract to RMH Concrete Inc. of Collins Ohio. Construction crews will replace concrete sidewalks that have been heavily damaged from tree roots in the area. The trees will be removed and replaced in the spring as part of the free tree lawn planting program.

Council also awarded a $691,320 contract to The Shelly Co. of Twinsburg to repave 11 streets for the 2020 street repaving program. Those streets are: Kingsbury, Idlewild, Marlys and Archwood drives, Eastlook, Eldora and Scenic roads, Shoreland Avenue and Middle Post and West Haven lanes.

“The type of work differs depending on what street you go on,” Snyder said. “Some streets will only need partial repaving and some may need full repaving. If someone would like more information, they need to reach out to us.”

The Shelly Co. will also handle other projects in the city, such as replacing the entrance to Old Detroit Road, replacing the curbs on Harwich Court and reducing the diameter of the cul de sac and installing new curbs and asphalt on Wynwood Drive.

Both projects will be paid for from the city’s general fund Residents affected by the work will receive letters and ReadyNotify alerts from the city, Snyder said.

“These Infrastructure projects are very important,” he said. “If we took one year off doing these projects, it could have a lot of negative effects for our residents. So it’s necessary we keep up with them.”

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