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The Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Board of Education at its Jan. 27 regular meeting began the process of placing renewals of the district’s two existing emergency operating levees on the May 6 primary election ballot by unanimously approving “resolutions of necessity” for the renewal of the $2.3 million and $1.89 million property tax levies. The school board completed the process Monday, at a special meeting called for that purpose, by approving resolutions directing the Lorain County Board of Elections to place issues to renew both operating levies on the May 6 ballot.

Treasurer Joshua Hill then filed a request to have the millage required to raise $2.3 million and $1.89 million calculated, and the new millage will be announced as soon as possible. Board members and Superintendent Mike Cook emphasized that levee renewals do not raise homeowners’ property taxes.

The Jan. 27 meeting at Sheffield Middle School was highlighted by a performance by the Sheffield Middle School Jazz Band, after which Principal Angela Terella and Assistant Principal Brent Schremp reported on recent adjustments to SMS’ curriculum and attempts to curb adolescent bullying.

Terella reported on faculty and administrative efforts to adapt SMS’s curriculum to the state of Ohio’s new Common Core state standards curriculum as well as the school’s existing Making Middle Grades Work High Schools That Work standards and computerized learning programs. Terella said two teachers had taken training on the Common Core changes last summer, and two more during winter break. Class length adaptations include 88-minute sessions for math and language courses, and 58-minute class sessions for social studies and elective courses.

Efforts are being made to coordinate curriculum requirements with the high school faculty to ensure continuity, and parent focus groups are being planned now. Terella said the plan has resulted in changes for students in need of intervention. Terella and Schremp noted that students are making use of computer-enhanced learning methods and have five study sites to use independently.

Both administrators praised the efforts and impact being made by Campus Impact with individual and group sessions focused on social media, bullying prevention, respect and diversity, dating, violence, cyber bullying and cliques, all with an emphasis on communicating. Future plans for Campus Impact include creating a parent task force, a group of 10 to 12 parents who would meet monthly and bring issues for discussion with administrators and faculty and eventually make suggestions for planning school events.


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