Stadium renovation expected to finish in time for football season

Work on the Avon Lake High School Memorial Stadium is nearly complete. Photo courtesy of Avon Lake City Schools.

Avon Lake

Renovations for the Avon Lake High School Memorial Stadium should be complete by the start of the fall sports season.

Superintendent Bob Scott said the estimated end date for work on the stadium is Aug. 20, just days before the first soccer and football game. Most of the major work is done, he said, but crews are still working in the locker rooms and on the field.

“Hopefully I won’t be out there with a rake and a shovel at 6 o’clock before the soccer game,” Scott said, laughing.

Some work in the locker rooms and restrooms had to wait until the stands over them were complete, he said.

“That’s the last big piece that’s being done,” he said.

Most of the work on the track and field is finished or in progress. The roll-up windows and doors are scheduled to arrive this week, he said, and should be a quick job. Some of the recent delays are the result of late deliveries, such as the track pieces that were supposed to arrive Aug. 2 but showed up Aug. 4.

“I’m calling places,” Scott said. “‘Where is it? You said Monday, where is it?'”

The new scoreboard won’t be in place by the first football game. Scott said the Board of Education recently reviewed bids for the scoreboard and found the lowest price was about $151,000, which is in line with the $150,000 estimate.

The goal is to have the LED scoreboard up and running by the middle of the season. It will allow quick changes from one sport to the next, he said, with the flip of a switch turning football into track and field.

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