City residents will likely vote on a 0.25% levy renewal request dedicated to road repairs on May 4.

At its Jan. 4 meeting, City Council passed a resolution supporting the continuation of the streets levy, which was first introduced and passed in 2005, then again in November of 2013. The quarter-percent comes out of the city’s 2% income tax rate, and is set aside to help cover the costs of road projects throughout the city each year.

The levy generates approximately $1.26 million annually, and is set to expire at the end of 2021 unless it’s renewed.

“It’s an important part of our budget,” Mayor Patrick Cooney said during the meeting. “It’s important to all of us in the city.”

The number of streets that get resurfaced or rehabilitated each year depends on criteria that include available funds, street length, traffic volume and the number of years since a street was last worked on. The city has created a list of projects completed through the street repair program dating back over a decade that can be found at www.fairviewpark.org.

If the levy is rejected, then a number of upcoming road projects would be put in jeopardy or city officials would be forced to secure funding from elsewhere, such as the general fund. Impacted projects include:

The $815,000 West 227th Street bridge-road project. Most of the work of replacing the culvert-style bridge over Coe Creek will be funded through a grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Transportation, with the city responsible for at least $150,000.

The $1.2 million West 210th Street road repaving project that spans from Lorain Road to Mastick Road. The city’s required funding match is $381,000, of which $250,000 will come from a Cuyahoga County grant.

The repaving of Cromwell Avenue and Parkwood Avenue from West 210th to West 213th, as well as Bain Park Drive, following water line replacements and a base pavement layer provided by the Cleveland Division of Water. Of the estimated $1,252,000 project, slated for this spring, the city must cover the bulk of the repaving work at a cost of $598,000.

According to Ward 5 Councilwoman Bridget King, who introduced the resolution along with Cooney, there are also plans for work on five more streets in addition to Cromwell, Parkwood, Bain and West 210th that could be in peril without a continuation of the street program funding.

“The voters of Fairview Park have supported this in the past, and I hope to have their continued support,” King said.

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