Trash and yard waste has piled up in Avon Lake over the last few weeks.

Residents are taking to social media over their frustration with what they consider to be poor trash pick up. The problem is, according to Mayor Greg Zilka, that trash provider Kimble is having difficulty staffing drivers, as well as having difficulty managing calls from residents.

“Residents are very frustrated because there are so many people who are not getting their services as the contract requires,” Zilka said.

City Hall is getting a large volume of complaint calls about Kimble regarding their trash not being picked up for several days, Zilka said. While they can answer questions to some extent, many calls are being forwarded to Kimble. The company is overwhelmed by the volume of calls.

“The answers that some of their people give are incorrect based on our contract,” Zilka said.

The contract provides bulk and yard waste pick up, as well as regular trash pick up once a week. Jessica Smith, marketing and social media manager for Kimble, said in an email, “Avon Lake residents pay on average: .87 cents per week for yard waste collection, $1.47 per week for recycling services and $3.22 per week for solid waste collection.”

Zilka said he and Kimble are meeting to find a resolution. Avon Lake has a five-year contract with Kimble and has used them for the last two and a half years.

A labor pool shortage has contributed to delays, Smith said, as well as an increase in solid waste, recycling and yard waste because of the spring season. Kimble is prioritizing removal of solid waste from curbs, Smith said.

Kimble appreciates the residents' patience for the delays and said, “... we believe all routes have been completed at this time,” Smith said in an email.

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