Term Length: Two years - Jan. 4, 2021 - Jan. 4, 2023

Salary: $174,000

Marcy Kaptur (D)

Age: 74

Previous elected experience: Member of Congress, 1983-present; Precinct Committeeperson, 1973-present

Employment: U.S. House of Representatives, Member of Congress

1. What do you see as the most important issue facing the community?

Stabilizing our fragile economy and keeping people safe. Our region has seen the effects of job washout and the undermining of economic security on family life. I remain committed to ensuring economic security, health security, education security, retirement security and national security for all. We must fully finance traditional Social Security and Medicare and turn the tide on job offshoring to secure good U.S. jobs with living wages and benefits that can't be taken away. And we must invest in our young people by fully funding public education and federal initiatives that strengthen families and children.

2. What will you do to address this issue if elected?

I believe we must reach across the aisle on shared interests, put the American people ahead of special interests, and stabilize our economy from the tragedy created by the ongoing global pandemic. I have dedicated my time in Congress pursuing legislation to address the economic needs of our region in a bipartisan way. Through my efforts, more than a billion dollars in federal funds have returned home to our district, including more than $35 million toward environmental restoration in Lorain and Western Cuyahoga counties as a result of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. I have a proven legislative record of achieving results and of forming strong public-private partnerships across municipalities to creatively address the needs of our region and make government work For The People.

Rob Weber (R)

Age: 48

Elected Experience: None

Current Employer Self-Employed

1. What do you see as the most important issue facing the community?

Bringing back good-quality and high-paying jobs to the region is overwhelmingly

the issue that local residents express concern about when I am visiting with and listening to the voters. Ohio's North Coast has lost well over 100,000 good-quality and high-paying jobs in the last 40 years.

2. What will you do to address this issue if elected?

The 9th District deserves a Representative who will actually advocate for policies that will bring quality jobs back to northern Ohio. We need legislation that will provide incentives for America's businesses to bring their operations back to the USA and stop catering to China and other foreign interests. We need to recognize China as not only our primary economic competitor, but also as a geopolitical adversary. Therefore, America must stop our supply chain's dependence on China and bring those jobs back home.

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