To paraphrase Charles Dickens, these are the worst of times, but could be the best of times if we come together as a community.

In just a few days, precautions against the spread of COVID-19 have brought to a screeching halt our everyday activities, social interactions, shopping habits, schools, businesses, restaurants and even visiting our loved ones in nursing homes. We at West Life, like you, are suffering from severe whiplash. Also like thousands of business owners, we are worried. We rely on advertising to keep our newsroom full of dedicated reporters and editors. We are tightening already cinched belts.

But that is the “worst of times” scenario. We know that this is an opportunity — the “best of times”— for us to come together as a community. Restaurant owners: we would love to publish your take-out menus. At a bargain price, we would help you get the word out that you are still open, and we can support the publication of our newspaper. USE the power of the newspaper, delivered to readers’ doors, to get word out that you are still open and have taken precautions to keep your customers safe. Our number is 440-871-5797. Ask for Kathy Kirsch, but truly anyone who answers the phone will help you.

If you are not a subscriber, we ask that you subscribe, calling the same number.

Meanwhile, we pray that all members of our community remain safe and healthy. We are in this together. Let’s support each other until the world returns to normal — and beyond.

Susan Condon Love

Managing Editor, West Life

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