Don’t get me wrong. I love Cleveland. I love the summers, with their brilliant blue skies and puffy animal-shaped clouds (if you have a good imagination). I love fall, as we embrace sweaters and jackets and absorb the vibrants reds and oranges of trees bowing to the changing temperatures. I am OK with Cleveland winters, at least in November and December. January gray and polar vortexes, however, are not my thing.

Which brings me to this: I despise Cleveland springs. Truly despise. Hate. Insert expletive here.

Statistically, this spring has been one long, cruel tease. On March 31, we had a high of 34 degrees and a low of 27. Historically, for that day, we should have had a high of around 52 degrees and a low of 36. On April 1, we crept up to 37 degrees. Woohoo! It felt like we could ditch the winter coat by that first weekend when we had a manageable 55-degree day on Saturday, April 6, and a celebratory 76 degrees on April 7!

Oh, but wait. On April 10, we had a chilly 45-degree day. And so it has continued. Picture a bouncing ball as I write the high temperatures, in daily order, starting with April 7 and working our way to May 4. I am bold facing the weekend temperatures: 66; 62; 45; 64; 74; 55; 51; 49; 68; 68; 79; 54; 49; 54; 63; 73; 51; 64; 62; 48; 48; 56; 50; 84; 63; 61; and 50.

I need Dramamine to combat the whiplash.

Let’s look at the last few weeks, starting with May 5 through May 22: 56; 73; 61; 55; 78; 67; 51; 52; 50; 59; 66; 75; 70; 77; 86; 69; 57; and 75. 

My favorite fluctuation has to be 86 degrees one day, plummeting to 69 and then 57 the next two days.

My children and husband never know what to expect from me. One day, I’m efficiently putting away all the winter throws, turning off the furnace and busily cleaning the windows. The next, they are shivering because, while I may have shut the windows and pulled out the throws. I usually forget to turn the heat back on. It’s happened at least three times in the last few weeks

May 19 was the first day I actually wore shorts. That is just wrong.

So why do we put up with our Jekyll/Hyde weather syndrome? Because we are rewarded with our wonderful summers. Truly, nothing can beat them. Someday, I hope we can afford a small boat to truly take advantage of our lake. Until then, relaxing at Huntington Beach or the Rocky River Beach will have to do for my “water fix.”

Meanwhile, maybe only for another week or so (fingers crossed), let’s keep those sweatshirts and sweater on standby. I don’t think a combo of a sweatshirt, shorts and sandals is a bad look at all. It’s our Cleveland spring uniform.

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