I have always strongly believed that we must work together to solve problems facing our families. I’m pleased to report that a strong partnership has formed to help address the opioid crisis here in Lorain County.

Your county commissioners are working together with The Nord Family Foundation, The LACADA Way, The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board of Lorain County and The Lorain County Board of Mental Health. This partnership has put together a proposal that has been sent to Columbus for state financial support.

The plan calls for transforming Golden Acres, the county’s former senior assisted living facility, into a one-stop treatment center. The group is requesting $500,000 in state funding through the capital budget bill in Columbus. The county will invest another $200,000 and the foundation has pledged to help upgrade the facility for long-term use as a treatment facility. The project is called “Recovery One.”

The Nord Family Foundation recently released an in-depth research report on the impact of the epidemic in Lorain County. Please visit endtheepidemiclc.org to learn more about the human devastation and economic burden of the epidemic. For instance, prescription opioid misuse and abuse in the county is nearly three times the national average. In addition, the total economic burden of the epidemic on our county is nearly $200-million a year.

“Recovery One” addresses a key finding in the research which called for a responsive coordinated system and the need for a treatment facility. We are hoping the project will be approved and funded by lawmakers in Columbus. Working together is critical to helping our loved ones and families.

Feel free to contact me with your county concerns at mlundy@loraincounty.us or at 440-329-5301. I work for you and look forward to serving you.

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