Lake Ridge Academy multiples

Photo courtesy Lake Ridge Academy

Triplets Nick Aya, front row left and his sisters Gabby and Danielle, along with twins John and Matt Harrington, and Kailey, Danielle and Brianna Barrett make the sophomore class at North Ridge Academy unique.

NORTH RIDGEVILLE - Lake Ridge Academy may have broken a world record with the number of twins and triplets number in their sophomore class.

In early February, national news outlets reported that New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most sets of twins and triplets in its current sophomore class. The class of approximately 1,000 students has 44 twins and one set of triplets. Roughly nine percent of the class consists of twins or triplets.

Lake Ridge has two sets of triplets and one set of twins in its sophomore class of 52 students. These students represent 15.3 percent of the class. College Counselor Keeon Gregory first identified the Illinois high school’s record could be matched by their current sophomore class based upon percentage.

Gregory said he happened to be watching the news and saw the story regarding the school in Illinois. He found it ironic the sophomore class had the world record while there were a few multiples in the Lake Ridge sophomore class. He decided to calculate the percentage of students.

The school has not officially broken a record, though they actually have a higher percentage than the Illinois school based on the actual numbers.

“This is unique for a school our size,” Gregory said. “It stood out for me and once shared with our student body, everyone wanted to spread the news.”

Sophomore Matt Harrington said he and his twin brother John are often in the same classes since the school is small.

“Like most twins, we just instinctually understand each other and that can be interesting in a classroom setting,” Matt said. “We often try to help each other communicate an idea or even just help with homework. It has its benefits.”

Sophomore Danielle Ayad said the situation is very exciting for such a small school.

“Everyone tells my siblings and I how awesome it is that we are triplets,” Danielle said.

She and her sister Gabby and brother Nick were the first set of triplets at Lake Ridge Academy. After a few years, they’ve seen the numbers of multiples grow in different grade levels.

“This year, it is pretty unbelievable that yet another set of triplets has joined,” Danielle said.

The school doesn’t know if this accomplishment truly means anything as far as records go, but they are excited about this unique finding.

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