North Ridgeville Community Care Board of Directors will sponsor their key fundraiser at Tom's Country Place beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday. There will be delicious food, starting with three kinds of soup followed by a full dinner. A full bar will be available. All types of games of chance, including sideboards and Chinese Raffle, will be offered. This is the 10th annual event and is always an enjoyable evening. Come and join the fun and raise funds for the many projects to benefit the less fortunate of our city.

Marcia has the Salad Wednesday up and running. Each week attendance increases. Salad ingredients are available to Community Care clients and all North Ridgeville seniors. This project is aided by Heart & Sole of the Lorain County Health Department.

Our Spring Garage Sale will be April 26 and 27. This is said to be the best sale in North Ridgeville. Our ladies work very hard to run the show with something for everyone. Some furniture will also be available.

We enjoyed the Kiwanis Club's spaghetti dinner. The Kiwanis provide "good for you" after-school snacks to all of our school-age children on every school day. Parents tell us they very much appreciate these efforts.

When the North Ridgeville City Schools truck came in the drive, we wondered about their arrival. It seems a competitive food drive was organized with regard to the Super Bowl game.

All children rooting for the Patriots were to bring certain food items and the ones supporting the Philadelphia Eagles were assigned other food items. Several maintenance men unloaded the nearly full truck, a generous donation to our food shelves. We wish we had known they were coming and a little bit about the project. We are grateful for all food drives, but a little advance notice would allow us to be better prepared for the arrival.

We are excited about the new leadership for our school system. We provide school supplies for K-12 at the beginning of the school year and at the half year. During the school year we meet whatever needs come to us. During the summer we provide lunches for children who have been on the free lunch program. We wish that someone from our organization had been invited to follow the interviews which we understand was by invitation only, so we look forward to meeting the new leadership.

We have received a grant from Nord Family to assist our Essentials Program. This program is offered twice a month for our clients to pick up eight to ten items that cannot be purchased with food stamps.

Tickets for “Soup for the Spirit” are available by calling the center at 440-353‑9716 or stopping by. We would really like to count on our city council members and school administration to support this event as our programs are available to all residents of North Ridgeville. Thank you to the many businesses that sponsor "Soup" and care about the less fortunate in our city.

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