“The officers involved in George Floyd’s killing have been arrested. Why are people still protesting?”

That question seems to be buzzing around a lot the past week. Yes, most protests were sparked from the death of George Floyd, but the story doesn’t begin and end there. For those speaking out against racial injustice, arresting the four officers involved is just a skirmish in a large war. Not of a physical war, but a war against ideologies and systemic problems that have been plaguing our country for decades.

To help our readers better understand these topics, we are embarking on a five-part informational graphic series to explain a few of the key issues to the movement. These graphics will provide the most up-to-date research, studies, policy proposals and statistics to explain some of these tough-to-talk-about issues. Because these are such broad topics, we aim to scratch the surface and then provide a source line for those who wish to delve even deeper into the issues.

This week, we take a look at police reform. Topics to follow will include hate crime, criminal law reform, systemic racism and how we look forward.

It is important to note that West Life is not pro-violence, pro-riot, anti-police, anti-government or anti-establishment. We do believe, however, that there is always room for improvement. These graphics are here simply to provide illumination on these topics so that they may be better understood. We recognize that, on a larger scale, the message of the movement is sometimes lost or befuddled in the headlines about riots and defunding the police. We seek to get this information to our readers in as straight-forward a manner as possible.

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