Halloween is not just one of my favorite holidays. It is the beginning of the Love family house decorating season. We don’t just throw up a few pumpkins and mums in our front yard. We bedeck, bedazzle, be-spook and, well go overboard. We put up an inflatable haunted house. We scatter plastic skeletons amidst the blooming chrysanthemum plants. A howling, motion-activated ghoul replaces the petunia on the plant hanger.

The usual pumpkin-head stakes line our sidewalk, and the motion-activated pumpkin goes on the porch steps. Finally, the spotlight machine is placed to put dancing ghost images on our front door.

We have a rule that we don’t put up our decorations until after Oct. 1 because of the year our son talked us into decorating in early September. Even we were tired of the stuff by the time Halloween rolled around.

This year, the night before the planned decorating extravaganza, I instructed my son to get the Halloween bins out of the garage. He came back a few minutes later. “I can’t find them, Mom.”

I paused my binge-watching of “The Good Witch” on Netflix.

Me: “What do you mean? They are bins marked ‘Halloween.’ Or maybe ‘Christmas.’ Or maybe ‘Winter Clothes.’ I don’t remember and sometimes put things in different bins after marking them with a permanent marker.”

Him: “I don’t see them.”

For three days we looked. No bins in sight. We found a piece here and there — the inflatable haunted house, the random purple glitter “Boo” I bought a couple of years ago. But the main spooky stash? Nowhere in sight.

Finally, I gave in and went to Lowe’s, Target and Spirit of Halloween and replenished our lights, plastic pumpkin supply and even a new ghoul for the plant holder.

Literally … and I do mean literally … an hour after I spent the money the bins were mysteriously found. In the garage. Where I had told my son to look.

I still had the receipts for the lights, which I am going to return. We are going to keep the rest of the stuff. I am still puzzled as to how one can misplace an entire holiday of decorations, but I blame myself, too. I perhaps have filled our garage with Facebook Market finds, including three chairs and a dresser. All have a place — except for one easy chair I found for my son’s future apartment that turned out to be extremely stinky. Like nauseatingly stinky — but they do fill up our garage.

On Sunday night, all the pieces were put in place. I’m pretty sure that our house can be seen by the International Space Station. But I am happy, as is my son.

The night of Halloween, when the last child has gone home, we pack up all the decorations and start Nov. 1 with our inflatable turkey on proud display.

This year, however, I’ll make sure I know where we put the bins. I hope.

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