Forget your troubles. Forget all your woes. Forget anything bad in the world.

The Cleveland Browns won. And not only did they win their first-round playoff game, but they beat the hated Pittsburgh Steelers in doing so.


It’s been three days, but how great does it still feel? Let’s look at it. There are 20-somethings who don’t remember the last time the Browns were in the playoffs. Afterall, that was 18 years ago.

Not only that, but there are some pushing 30 who don’t remember the last time the Browns won a playoff game. In 1994, those Browns were coached by some guy named Bill Belichick and had a defensive coordinator named Nick Saban.

While that pair have had success since that 20-14 wild card victory over the New England Patriots, the Browns have been far from successful. First, the club was moved to Baltimore. A new franchise began in the 1999 season. There has been success, but there’s been more seasons to forget.

But let’s not dwell on that.

The Browns won. And they beat the Steelers in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

This was a game in which they faced unbelievable obstacles. Coach Kevin Stefanski and several players were ruled out due to COVID-19. Baker Mayfield met his left guard three hours before kickoff.

Yet, they overcame that to jump out to a 28-0 first-quarter lead. Those 28 points are the most scored in a quarter by any team in NFL playoff history.

Who stood out? It’s a cliche’ to say that football is a team sport, but with this game, it was definitely a team victory. Everyone pitched in and it produced one of the greatest thrills the city has had in years.

Yes, the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship was fantastic, but the city has always had a love affair with the Browns.

While other Cleveland teams have had success, the support from the fans usually depends on that success. But it’s not that way with the Browns. Even during 2017’s 0-16 season, people still went to the games. People still watched on television. Afterall, it was the Browns.

On Sunday, they will travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champions. They will be underdogs. We will get to hear from some experts that last week was a fluke.

Don’t tell the players that make up the Browns roster that it was a fluke. And don’t tell them they don’t have a chance to beat the Chiefs.

And you don’t have to tell them that Northeast Ohio is excited about this team.

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