The Sweet 16. The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament is completed, and the field was reduced by 48 teams. The Indians open their season in just eight days.

Colleges are planning graduations. High schools are starting to plan graduations, and some have talked about proms.

My, how things have changed in one year.

When the country shut down 12 months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, few people knew what to do or what was going on.

The college basketball season came to an abrupt end when most colleges stopped in the middle of conference tournaments.

The NBA stopped, only to restart in the summer. The Major League Baseball season didn't start until summer and had an abbreviated season.

Sports weren't the only things affected. High school proms were cancelled. High school graduations had to be virtual. Aut-O-Rama, the great drive-in movie theater, had numerous showings of various graduations.

School buildings were closed. Parents became substitute teachers for their children.

And who can forget the shortages? Toilet paper became a scarce product, along with paper towels, hand sanitizer, and sterilizing wipes.

Masks were hard to find. The paper medical masks were sold out. Even dust masks from Lowe's or Home Depot were not available. Order clothes from Amazon, and it was a long wait as well as costing so much that a person almost needed a co-signer.

And there were shortages for things to do. Jigsaw puzzles were sold out almost immediately. It was hard to find board games.

What did people do for entertainment? After people binged on Tiger King, they began doing things with their family. Families would be seen in the Cleveland Metroparks, walking, with or without their trusty canine companions. People were bicycling. In fact, there was a bike shortage.

There was also a misunderstanding of the mask mandate. Local police were getting calls to report those people outside walking without a mask.

We had no idea what to expect or when it would end. Today, we're starting to see a possible great slow down in the spread of the virus.

We're starting to see people adjust. Professional and college sports have made adjustments to have seasons. There have been pauses and cancellations due to outbreaks, but no shutdowns.

March Madness going forward, minus the Buckeyes who had one of the worst losses of the tournament. There's been adjustments in this great tournament. No large crowds. No games at multiple venues; all games played in Indiana, home of the NCAA. There are teams ready to play in case a team has an outbreak and is unable to field five players.

While the shelves were wiped clean last year, there's plenty of toilet paper this year, along with paper towels and every other item that was scarce a year ago.

Cleveland State announced two weeks ago that it would hold in-person graduations.

Most schools are reopening. There is an appreciation by many for the job teachers face each day.

At first, we had no idea what to do or expect. We've adjusted. The pandemic is far from over, but we'll continue to make adjustments along the way.

But we can't make adjustments on our March Madness brackets.

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