Voters had such high hopes last November when they elected Republicans Michelle Hung and David Moore to the Lorain County Board of Commissioners. Hung, a one-term North Ridgeville council member, and Moore, a former one-term commissioner who left office about 15 years earlier, rode a Red Wave that voted for President Donald Trump and brought in new Republican county office holders to the coroner’s office and recorder’s office.

It was historic. Two sitting Democratic commissioners were voted out. For the first time in decades, some suspect since World War II, Republicans held a 2-1 advantage on the board, which oversees budgets and staffing for many county offices and commissions. Matt Lundy became the lone Democrat on the board.

But quickly the county commissioner’s office fell into turmoil.

Michele Hung must resign. There’s just been too much distraction since she has taken office.

It’s almost laughable when we remember what Hung promised during the campaign, that she would work with county safety forces and 911 employees and create a human resources department.

A suit was filed against Hung and Lundy. It was the latest in a series of scandals, upheavals and general chaos striking the three-member commission since the summer — most because of Hung’s behavior and actions, including an affair with a subordinate, blatantly breaking Ohio’s nepotism and ethics laws and showing an unseemly habit of contacting colleagues while she was inebriated.

Lorain County residents deserve better. They certainly deserve better than Hung’s constant flaunting and yammering excuses. She should have stepped down as soon as the relationship with former 911 director Harry Williamson, her subordinate, was revealed.

She should have stepped down when it was revealed she tried to get her brother, Ed Dobias, a job in the county’s IT department in February, only a month after taking office.

She should have stepped down when Job and Family Services Director Tim Carrion was terminated Aug. 3 by Moore and Lundy following a three-hour executive session. Hung abstained. Both Williamson and Carrion were terminated after only seven months into their respective tenures. The decisions come after both were subject to investigations for inappropriate workplace behavior. Lundy and Moore thought there was a “friendship” between Hung and Williamson, but it turned out to be a full-blown affair.

According to reports, an apparently intoxicated Hung texted former County Administrator Tom Williams multiple times at different hours earlier this summer, trying to get him to fix her relationship with the county's former 911 director. The emails and texts got so bad that Williams wrote a county attorney on July 21, demanding that it stop. "Commissioner Hung is not to call me when she is intoxicated," Williams wrote.

Ohio officials are prohibited from using the "authority or influence of" a public position to secure a job for a family member, according to the ethics commission.

Williams was fired on Aug. 18 with Hung and Lundy voting to fire him. Moore voted "hell no.” Now Williams is suing ​ Hung and Lundy in federal court, alleging they retaliated against him by firing him without cause. ​​In the lawsuit, Williams said Hung and Lundy had agreed to pay him $450,000 to settle his termination and severance package, "but reneged the next day.”

How much more chaos do residents need? We think enough is enough.

Hung, the seeming source of turmoil, needs to resign.

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