To the Editor:

Those of us in the audience truly enjoyed the Bay High Holiday Choral Concert. It was the culmination of all the talents of many people making up the show’s choir and A Cappella choir directed by Devon Gess and accompanist Lisa Swisher and Band.

At the end the living tree was a sight to see. They say that music soothes the soul, and in these trying times, the concert on Dec. 12, 2021, was enjoyed by all. The sounds of “O Holy Night” will linger in our minds forever.

Thank you to all who made the concert the awesome event it was.

Rita S. Randall

North Olmsted

To the Editor:

Avon Moratorium On New Nursing Homes: I can certainly understand the moratorium, but Avon Ward 2’s Councilman Dennis McBrides’s comments? A “pick-up service?”

“We really need to look at this and if we put a couple of these people out of business, I really don’t care because they created the problem themselves, they are the nuisance.” Really Dennis? You want to displace residents from nursing homes? Do you even know the inner workings of a nursing home? Have you ever been inside and saw the lonely, vacant eyes of the long forgotten?

These “seniors” are real people who have lived real lives. Many yearn for visitors and respect. It is obvious that you have never walked in the shoes of a family caregiver, hanging on to every morsel of hope for your loved one, wondering if this ambulance trip to the hospital will be their last “pickup service.” I’ll bet you don’t even know why all those ambulance calls were made.

Good for you that your body hasn’t been ravaged by age and disease. As punishment for your comments, you should do 100 hours visiting residents in senior facilities to thank God you are not one of them…yet.

Diane Dacka

Sheffield Village

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