Re: Civil Discourse

I highly value and respect the opportunity to learn of my fellow citizens’ ideas and opinions as expressed in West Life’s letters to the editor. However, I believe publishing letters where the writer is calling people names is an abuse of this privilege as was the case in the letter referring to “bleeding hearts.”

Let’s keep the discourse civil, rational.

(Such abandonment of reason for emotion seems always to reveal ignorance. Should the writer have done her homework, she would have learned the reason single-use plastic bags are worthy of banning is that single-use plastic constitutes one-half of all the plastic that is produced.)

Constance Frederickson


To the Editor:

Regarding your editorial “Bullying rarely changes minds or the end results” that appeared in the Jan. 22 issue of West Life.

I found your article to be very disturbing, especially where you compare a choice of whether to abort a human life to that of the government telling (you) what kind of gun you could own, what your child’s school menu should be and whether you should have plastic or paper bags. All life from conception to natural death is sacred and should be protected.

I attended the Cleveland Right to Life March on Jan. 18 from the Rocky River Community Center to the Planned Parenthood facility on Center Ridge Road. The response from many cars passing by was very positive with a blown horn and thumbs up. There were two instances of vulgar counter protests. One was a young lady, as a car passenger, giving the middle finger to the entire length of the marchers and the other was an older lady in front of Planned Parenthood spewing sentence after sentence laden with the F-word. That was the caliber of the counter protesters.

The pro-life movement does not shame or bully anyone. Their purpose is to preserve human life, especially the most vulnerable that are in the mother’s womb. Their marches are peaceful, compassionate and prayerful.

John Pabin


To the Editor:

I want to commend and applaud your Jan. 22 editorial, “Bullying rarely changes minds or the end result.” I, among many others, believe in the futileness of the pro-life marches often held in front of the Planned Parenthood office in Rocky River. In fact, I contribute more to Planned Parenthood based on the number of marchers I see.

Lisa Marconi


To the Editor:

On March 17, we are urging Avon residents to vote in favor of Issue 12, a replacement bond levy for the Avon library. This levy will fund a renovation and expansion of the current building while providing the money to operate it for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, Avon’s library no longer meets the needs of the city’s ever-growing population. Built in 1994, when Avon’s population was only 10,000 residents, the current building lacks space for children’s programs, work study areas and community meetings. Hampered by its small size, the library cannot provide a large collection of high-demand books, DVDs and other circulating materials, forcing residents to go elsewhere for these items.

The planned expansion would almost triple the building’s existing size from 10,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet. The plan is the culmination of a one-year study that received input from almost 1,000 Avon residents. The library’s current operating levy is 1.2 mills and will expire in 2021. The replacement levy is 2 mills and would take effect in 2021. The plan is cost-effective, utilizing the existing building and expanding it onto property that the library already owns. We think the plans are sound and the economics well thought out.

Please vote yes for Issue 12 and invest in our library’s next chapter.

David and Leslee Miraldi


To the Editor:

Words matter. Words define our thoughts, our definitions, and in the end, our actions. Words like “Open an Investigation” and “Root out Corruption” can be spun from “Protecting American Taxpayer Dollars” into an actual crime if you spin it as “Digging Dirt on a Political Opponent.” People with busy lives actually still believe that there is a statute for this Digging Dirt crime. There isn’t. Nor was any “crime” listed in the 2 Articles of Impeachment written by the House Democrats.

People were clamoring outside Senator Rob Portman’s office the day after the acquittal in the Senate saying that if they were guilty of a crime, there would be a trial, there would be witnesses, and there would be justice. Well, there was a trial, witnesses, and finally justice. What was missing was what these folks would have had – equal protection under the law, representation of counsel, and the opportunity to aggressively interview witnesses. Those things were missing in the House case. Even an actual crime was missing in the House final meltdown sent to the Senate.

Never in our history has someone who overheard from someone with national security clearance been given the classification of whistleblower. Never in our history has the House been so filled with their own toxic hatred that they thought they could pull the wool over our eyes. Never in our history were we told that digging dirt is a crime if a Republican does it but if all the Democrat candidates in the Senate vote to oust him is not.

The Crime of the Century wasn’t in a phone conversation. For some people making America strong, prosperous and vibrant is the real crime. It doesn’t fit their plans and certainly upends their dream of giving it all away.

Cynthea Sabolich


To the Editor:

Ron Hill’s political cartoon of Jan. 29 was a play on Groundhog Day, his effort to ridicule the success of the economy under President Trump.

Did not Hill know that perhaps the reason four more stores are closing at Great Northern could be: more people are shopping online; a decline in the population of Cuyahoga County, which fell 4,514 from 2917 thru 2018 and the exodus goes on.

And, where once stood LTV Steel’s #2 Finishing Division, now stands Steelyard Commons, another mall, which could be another reason why four more stores are closing at Great Northern: Shoppers are choosing to shop at another mall.

Hill’s cartoon shows a groundhog asking, in reference to the closing of the stores at Great Northern, “What about this shadow?” And an animal, perhaps a cartoon image of Hill, replying: “According to the president, America’s economy is great again!”

In his haste to ridicule the Trump economy, by implying – if America’s economy is great again, why are four more stores closing, Hill forgot to remember brick-and-mortar stores were closing years before President Trump’s administration.

America’s economy is great again because of President Trump’s economic policies, a renegotiated trade deal with China and a new trade treaty with Mexico and Canada – USMCA – which replaced NAFTA.

NAFTA was unfair to American workers and was recently replaced by President Trump’s USMCA treaty, a treaty which is fair trade to all and will benefit all.

The shadow of the Trump economy and Mr. Hill’s effort at ridicule – forecast four more years of President Trump as president and four more years of shoppers having more money with which to shop online and at malls of their choice.

Hill must be given credit, where credit is due, perhaps President Trump will appreciate the cartoon, Hill’s unintentional reminder that America’s economy is great again, and send Hill a thank you note; even though cartoonist, like Hill, are in denial of the great economy since President Trump became president and started looking out for America and its workers, by demanded that our trading partners practice fair trade with America – Replacing NAFTA with USMCA, and a new trade agreement with China!

I shall send President Trump my copy of Hill’s cartoon, perhaps President Trump will be grateful to Hill, and encourage him to again try his hand at ridicule – inasmuch as such cartoons, receiving wide circulation, via social media, will be helping to re-elect President Trump to four more years.

All who appreciate the great economy, under President Trump, hope Hill’s pen keeps drawing and West Life’s press keeps rolling!

Bill Smith

Atlanta, Georgia

To the Editor:

The entire impeachment thing was never supported by most Americans because the alleged “wrongdoing” was so ill defined. Was it “abuse of power” to seek information about possible corruption from a foreign leader? You can believe the ask was for the President’s personal gain but there is no hard evidence to prove that.

Remember, it was proven that President Clinton committed perjury, and that President Nixon ordered crimes be covered up.

In President Trump’s case, the wrongful conduct never happened; Ukraine got US aid on time and no investigation took place. That’s the fact, Mitt.

Romney says he voted for removal because his conscience dictated that. Not enough. “High crimes and misdemeanors” must be apparent beyond a reasonable doubt, or every president could be impeached.

In the end, the Constitution worked again. Thank God we have it.

Kenneth Kodger

Avon Lake

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