To the Editor:

After reading a story in last week’s Press about a gun left in the restroom at Giant Eagle, I’m not sure whose actions I find more outrageous. John Morgan finds the grocery store in Avon Lake so dangerous that he felt compelled to pack a gun. He finds the gun so dangerous that he placed it on the counter while he used the restroom. He finds carrying a gun to be so casual an act that he forgot to pick it back up as he left the restroom. Police officers responding to the call found no reason to keep this gun away from John Morgan.

Sure, no one got hurt. Children are never found in public restrooms? What about criminals or people who shouldn’t have guns at such ready access? Mr. Morgan has the protection of the law behind him to carry this weapon. What protections do the citizens of Avon Lake have when concealed gun carriers become absent-minded and careless with their weapon?

Maureen Johnson

Avon Lake


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