To the Editor:

For many years, the citizens of North Ridgeville have been secure in the knowledge when tragedy or misfortune strikes, in short order the comforting sound of sirens will signal the rapid response of police, fire or paramedic services coming to their aid. When the snow falls incessantly in the winter, you know you can safely travel the roads because the Service Department crews have been working throughout the night and day to clear your path.

Your well being and security is our primary responsibility, and we are honored to serve as your safety forces and service department. The financial reality we now face, however, is that without your help, we cannot continue to provide the same levels of service and security which have set North Ridgeville apart from other communities.

On May 4, you have the power to decide if safety is still of paramount importance to you and your family. The added cost is very reasonable. For the owner of a $100,000 home, it would cost about 6 cents a day to ensure that you, your loved ones and your city stay safe and protected.

Help us help you by voting yes on Issues 16, 17 and 18 for your streets, fire and police services. Keep us working for you.

Chief of Police Richard D. Thomas, CLEE

Fire Chief Richard E. Miller

Service Dept. Superintendent Bill Gluvna

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