To the Editor:

Bradstreet’s Landing is my favorite Rocky River park, the only park that requires no stairways to access the lake and the pier. A great place to view the sunset and perhaps to go fishing. The pier was closed two years ago. It was determined that the pier had deteriorated to the point that it was no longer able to support the weight of multiple people.

Work has started on its renovation. Imagine my dismay when I saw a 19,000-pound excavator and a large dump truck out on the pier removing the upper layer of concrete!

Two years of enjoyment gone; so unnecessary!

Ken Howe
Rocky River

To the Editor:

Earlier this year, I started my first subscription with you. I thought I was going to get some responsible, objective local journalism. Wow, was I ever wrong.

I’d like to think that I’m an open-minded person. I’m tolerant of others’ views regardless how divergent they are from mine. I also understand that no two people are ever going to agree on everything.

That said, I’d like to voice my displeasure with you for publishing the mean-spirited cartoons by this Ron Hill character. They’re flagrantly partisan, they’re unfunny and they’re often brazenly vicious. For example, a few issues back he took a stab at President Trump. His not-so-cute little bird was captioned saying “Why don’t you just shut up?”

How utterly obnoxious and rude. There’s nothing funny about something like that. It’s neither interesting nor enlightening. It should insult the intelligence, if not the common decency of any thinking person. This Ron Hill character is merely another guy with an unremarkable opinion, a partisan taking stabs at people and things he doesn’t like. Why would I be interested in his opinions? As I’d mentioned earlier, his opinions are neither interesting nor enlightening, his opinions are simply run-of-the-mill obnoxious and rude.

When my current subscription ends this coming spring 2021, I will absolutely allow it to lapse. I have no intention of paying anybody to insult my intelligence in such snide fashion.

Tom Cardello

Editor’s Note: As with all newspapers, the editorial page is an opinion page. We welcome any and all opinions. The news content is separate, responsible and objective.

To the Editor:

Picking up bricks

We go through life, it seems to me, picking up “bricks” (duties, responsibilities, activities, habits etc.) one at a time, gradually accommodating each, and then adding another, until we have a full load, or even more, to carry. Then, somewhere along the way, we may “fall,” due to an accident, an illness or, as in 2020, a pandemic and when we do our “bricks” fall with us.

As we cope, it’s only natural to think of ourselves in terms of carrying a full load again, without realizing that we never did pick up all of our “bricks” at one time. We can eventually, of course, pick one up, gradually accommodate it and then pick up another until we once again have a full load. There may even be some “bricks” that we don’t want or need to pick up again.

I originally had these thoughts while recovering from a life-threatening operation. They also apply to our lives now. They helped me understand that I had changed and my life would have to change too. The pandemic will end in the new year, but we will not be what we were before.

I think we will be better.

Mel Maurer

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