To the Editor:

A positive moment

This historic horror virus is a positive moment. Prayers to those families who have lost loved ones, jobs and hope. Think of our soldiers and safety forces who go through this horror every day. And our brave health care workers. Yet, positive and the glass half full is a thought.

People are isolated with their families. Or maybe they are alone. People are walking, putting together a puzzle, helping a child with online homework, and appreciating. Many are cooking more than going to a restaurant or carrying out. Praying without the need of a church. God is everywhere. So is the stress and worry.

Neighbors never seen before as they used to drive by, go to work, go anywhere, are now walking and saying “hello” from across the street. Children are biking, jogging, and playing in the fresh air.

Many are super cleaning, doing yard work, organizing recipe cards, family photos, entire rooms of clutter to remain sane and productive.

And thank goodness for technology. FaceTime is as close to connecting, safely, as one can hope. Learning new technology to do the homework, talk to family and friends is the lifeline. Soon, we will dump the over texting and television for a hug; not from 6 feet away.

Also, it is becoming clear that many politicians do not give a diddly about us, maybe haven’t been doing their jobs or even know how to do them. Most are working to be transparent like our President Trump and his staff. Why must politics be involved when people are overwhelmed with confusion, grief and much stress? This is not the time, nor is it ever. Remember, soon we will get our postcard to vote absentee. Vote out the nincompoops. We need a government that loves America and loves us Americans.

This virus has brought out many heroes of companies and businesses who are helping their employees work out of their home for their safety, owners who are genuinely caring for their employees, supporting our country with masks, ventilators and God knows what else. We must not excoriate them if they get some of this stimulus. No business, no jobs.

As some might remember the saying, “this, too, shall pass.” When it does, America needs to remember all of the good work and leadership. Pay attention to all of the American heroes. Be strong, be positive and remember to thank them.

Kathleen O’Brien

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

I would like to respond in agreement with the letter by Joe Bialek supporting a vote-by-mail system. We will all be voting in the presidential election in November. This may come at a time of a second wave of COVID-19. We need to anticipate taking steps now for our election to run smoothly and not find ourselves in the position that Wisconsin was in recently where people had to risk exposure to a deadly virus in order to vote. Furthermore, because there weren’t enough poll workers (who tend to be civically minded elders), Wisconsin had to close many polling places since there weren’t enough poll workers to work. This resulted in long lines in poor weather for people to exercise their very basic right to vote.

We need to implore our state legislators, the governor and our secretary of state, Mr. LaRose, to prepare for our election to be a mail in vote in November. If people want to vote in person, they could vote early in the Board of Elections office or designated places in a county. Other states have a vote-by-mail system (Washington state is one) and there is high satisfaction with these systems. A Pew Charitable Trust study found a decrease in costs with vote-by-mail systems, and voter turnout increases.

Voter fraud is a non-existent problem. Ohio studies done in 2012 and 2016 by then-Secretary of State and current Lt. Gov. Jon Husted showed virtually no fraud. The tiny number he found were identified and referred for prosecution.

We need to begin to anticipate and prepare now for our election in November. We all need to have access to voting. We all need to feel our vote is secure and not subject to interference by a hacker to the electronic voting. We need to be secure from the COVID-19 virus. As qualified voters we need to contact our state legislators, Gov. DeWine, and Secretary of State LaRose to prepare a vote-by-mail system.

Jane Sidwell-Coniam

Avon Lake

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