To the Editor:

I would like to thank the staff of West Life for including photos of nature in the issues. I was particularly fond of the owl that was pictured a few weeks ago and enjoy the eagle updates. The Cleveland area is very fortunate to have the Cleveland Metroparks system, the many metro parks in our suburbs and being on the western edge of the Atlantic Migratory Flyway. Getting out for a walk in nature is a great way to de-stress, enjoy the spring wildflowers and observe our feathered friends who are increasingly depending on us for their survival.

Our small perching bird populations have been plummeting for several decades; loss of habitat is one of the major factors. You do not have to be a metro park to help them! Making changes in your own backyard will make your property a haven to birds like the Northern Oriole (migratory flying distance, 1,000 miles).

Outdoor cats kill billions of birds every year. Cats and birds are a disastrous combination (Disclaimer: I own two indoor cats). When you cut down a tree, you take away someone’s home! You may think the birds are able to move to the next tree, but that would be like you losing your home and moving in with your neighbors permanently. Animals have their own territory just as we do especially during nesting and breeding seasons. So planting native trees, shrubs and perennials, putting out a birdbath and keeping your feline friends indoors would all be helpful and appreciated. If you want to go the extra mile and put out seed, suet and mealworms, good for you.

Westlake has been awarded the title of a “Tree City USA.” Let’s try to do our part in helping to keep the forest canopy healthy. Trees reduce stormwater runoff, air, water and noise pollution. They increase the rental rates of business properties and the sale prices of homes. Pay it forward for future generations – plant a tree this Earth Day.

Suzanne Rusnak


To the Editor:

The Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB) Drug Task Force gratefully acknowledges the citizens of our six western suburbs for actively participating in the semi-annual collection event on Saturday, April 24 with 421 pounds of outdated and unwanted medications collected for safe disposal.

In addition, our WEB communities' citizens were responsible for properly disposing of medications via the use of the 365/24/7 drop boxes located within each of the six police departments’ lobbies to the tune of 3,022 pounds for the calendar year 2020.

I urge our citizens to continue to make use of the drop boxes whenever the need arises to dispose of those expired or unwanted medications for the purpose of protecting the environment and to prevent the diversion of the pharmaceuticals to illegal activities.

The WEB Drug Task Force will continue to offer this valuable service to increase the safety and welfare of all Westshore families.

Enforcement Agent Jeff Capretto

Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB) Drug Task Force

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