To the Editor:

With the Fourth of July nearing, Phantom Fireworks encourages its friends and customers to be considerate of your neighbors when using fireworks. We often get so caught up in the excitement and entertainment of the fireworks lighting up the sky that we forget the noise and lights may have an adverse effect on some people and animals.

Phantom Fireworks asks you to be courteous to your neighbors. Communicate with them. Notify your neighbors before shooting your fireworks to allow them to prepare themselves and enjoy your show.

Phantom also asks that you respect your neighbor’s property. Keep your launch site open and away from your neighbor’s property to prevent accumulation of fireworks remaining in the area. When the show is over, clean up the fireworks debris, particularly what ends up on your neighbor’s property or in the street.

Firework safety is crucial. Always have a ready source of water close by in case of emergencies. Maintain plenty of distance between the launch site and spectators and inhabited buildings. It is very important to honor a curfew. Generally professional shows end by 11 p.m.

Phantom reminds you to follow the law and apply common sense. Read the firework safety tips provided by Phantom to understand the performance and hazards associated with the item. Phantom wants you to be safe, have fun and enjoy your Fourth of July!

Bill Weimer, vice president

Phantom Fireworks Companies


To the Editor:

We have objective evidence that former President Trump was a congenital liar, that he incited an insurrection against the lawfully and constitutionally elected government of the United States and that his own personal, unsubstantiated beliefs about COVID-19 delayed planning for administering vaccines resulting in the genocide of almost 400,000 people.

The Congress of the United States violated their oaths of office in not impeaching Trump. Federal law enforcement agencies were derelict in their duties in not stopping the insurrection and continue to be derelict in their duties for not prosecuting Trump for violating the U.S. Code of Law. We continue to see the mentally deficient and morally bankrupt lemmings in this country with their signs supporting Trump, and a major political party that seems bent on establishing an autocracy.

Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed of what this political party has become. Wake up, people! Ethics, values, ideals, morals, and justice are not just words. These are concepts we say are most important to us. These are concepts we instill in our children. These are not matters of convenience to be discarded if they are too difficult to uphold. Nobility of reason must be paired with nobility of action; otherwise, we are nothing. Stop being nothings!

Jeffrey Woytach

North Ridgeville

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