To the Editor:

Everyone worth listening to is opposed to racism. That is not the point. Look around. Are racist police hunting anyone? Show them to me.

Would the editors describe Marxism as a far left movement? Would the editors describe a movement that is dedicated to the destruction of all human institutions, the family, the church and government a far left movement? Would the editors find the tactic of erasing history so that a new history can be written a far left tactic? Those are the stated goals of the organization Black Lives Matter. The founders describe themselves as trained Marxists.

The police are not Marxists. They are our agents who defend our free society from Marxists. Black Marxists, White Marxists, Chinese Marxists, Russian Marxists and other Marxists are all opposed to the existence of our free society.

In 2018 there were 686,665 uniformed police officers in the United States. Assuming that number for 2020 and guessing that each officer interacts with one contentious person per week, there are 3,570,580 interactions per year.

Last year 11 unarmed black citizens and 19 unarmed white citizens were killed in confrontations with police. The surviving 3,570,550 contentious black and white citizens were not killed in confrontations with police. Considering those numbers, would the editors find an organization that spreads the lie that police are hunting black people a far left organization?

That is the lie that Black Lives Matter is spreading in order to further its previously stated goals of destroying all human institutions and the free society that we all enjoy here in the United States of America. The organization Black Lives Matter is not what the editors believe it to be.

More research is needed on the part of the editors. At present there does seem to be wool pulled over editor eyes.

Martin Patton

North Ridgeville

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