America in chaos and lawlessness

Where do we start as Americans — watching our country be destroyed by communists, criminals, lawlessness, hate of police — it is time to follow the law completely and immediately!

Our country is being destroyed by lawlessness. When government officials are not prosecuted for lies and corruption, many think “Oh well, I can do anything close to murder and get away with it.” Gosh, California does not prosecute people who steal, felons are released because of a virus, police are scrutinized more than the criminal and governors do not call in the National Guard to stop the lawlessness. Rioting is criminal and needs prosecution.

Destruction of property, the murder of children, focus on politics over the love of country is only the beginning for these anarchists. And many in government who we relied on to do the right thing have turned out to be incompetent pieces of awful. They support anything but President Trump.

We don't need to defund police, we need more! The anarchists are working to completely take over our cities, schools, and our country. This civil war must be stopped. These mayors, council, governors who do not respect and support the police, our freedom and America’s laws, vote them out. President Trump needs our support. Please encourage those who love America to vote for Trump 2020.

Kathleen O’Brien

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

It’s very sad that the valuable, high-visibility area of the former Pat Catan’s will be used for a Goodwill and Dollar General store.

Seems that we’re desperate for any kind of business at the expense of the perception of our city.

We already have a Dollar Tree a short distance away and several auto parts stores and fast-food restaurants.

We should be trying to attract stores like Trader Joe’s or Heinen’s, which will never come here with the poor image we are projecting.

M. Radvanyi
North Ridgeville

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