To the Editor:

Thank you for the article about the $500,000 grant to the City of Avon Lake for the fish cleaning station.

The article stated, "There will be an opening where heads and other fish parts can be discarded. This will be disposed of daily."

To clarify, when the fish parts are placed in the disposal, they will be instantly ground and combined with pressurized water to create a slurry. The slurry will be whisked away to the sanitary sewer that will be processed at the Water Reclamation Plant across the street with Avon Lake Regional Water. It is hoped that people who use the Fish Cleaning Station clean after themselves. The park attendants will clean the entire surface at least once a day.

Jennifer Fenderbosch

Avon Lake Councilwoman Ward 2, Council Pro Tempore

To the Editor:

You recently wrote that you “[do] not rewrite letters [to the editor] to eliminate things we don’t agree with,” but that you do “delete verified falsehoods.” I commend you for acknowledging the existence of objective truth. Such a confession is welcome in this age when relativism and critical theory’s advancement of subjective interpretation of lived experiences has created in a society where many people casually refer to “his truth” or “her truth” rather than “the truth.” Thank you for acknowledging that truth exists.

I might point out; however, that the statement “we delete verified falsehoods” is, itself, very unlikely strictly true. For it to be strictly true, you would have had to have never erred — through act or omission; intentionally or unintentionally; through Type I or Type II error — in your endeavor to “delete verified falsehoods.” You may wish to offer a correction in your next edition which reads: “We seek to delete verified falsehoods.”

More importantly, I challenge you to consider this question: why do you seek to delete verified falsehoods from letters to the editor?

Your readers understand that letters to the editor are written by individuals who are neither your reporters nor members of your editorial staff. We can take the content of letters to the editor with a grain of salt or an ounce of amusement. Your readers are capable of recognizing and mentally segregating facts, opinions and beliefs in letters to the editor. We understand that people may express beliefs in a way that closely resembles the way people express facts (e.g., “We delete verified falsehoods”). We know that people may, from time to time, genuinely believe certain things to be true that are not, in fact, actually true. Sometimes, even reporters and editors of newspapers do these things. Sometimes they even do it inadvertently.

In my opinion, it would be preferable to let your readers consume the writings submitted by their friends and neighbors without the deletion of content — true or false — and without editorial commentary that the author of the letter is not able to rebut. This would provide your readers with knowledge and insights about the authors of letters to the editor. This information could prove valuable for all your readers if any of the authors of letters to the editor run for public office or otherwise engage public civic discourse.

I assume that you believe you are engaging in a public service by [seeking to] delete verified falsehoods from letters to the editor. I trust your goal is well-intentioned and done in good faith, every time, regardless of your political, religious, or philosophical biases. However, I hold the belief that your actions, however well-intentioned, are misguided. Please stop seeking to delete what you believe to be verified falsehoods from letters to the editor. We are all adults, like you. Treat us as such.

By the way, the Earth is flat — or so I’ve heard.

Tom Henderson

Bay Village

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