To the Editor:

It’s very sad that the valuable, high-visibility area of the former Pat Catan’s will be used for a Goodwill and Dollar General store.

Seems that we’re desperate for any kind of business at the expense of the perception of our city.

We already have a Dollar Tree a short distance away and several auto parts stores and fast-food restaurants.

We should be trying to attract stores like Trader Joe’s or Heinen’s, which will never come here with the poor image we are projecting.

M. Radvanyi

North Ridgeville

To the Editor:

No More

I love baseball, but I am done. I turned off the baseball game and won’t listen to or watch it again. An addition to the National Anthem was enough! The NFL kneels and now this? Where

are the owners of these sports? This is America. We don’t invent a new U.S.

currency and we sure as heck don't get political with sports. Many watch — kids,

soldiers, families — for the sport, the escape, the fun — not for a political

stance. If these players want to do something — go to a children’s cancer ward at

a hospital, pick up litter, donate to a women’s abuse shelter. I hope there are

others who don’t want to see million dollar prima donnas pushing their

whatever’s on me. They were hired to play ball!

Kathleen O’Brien

Avon Lake

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