To the Editor:

As a mom, I know firsthand what sports involvement does for the heart, soul and fitness of youth. So many hours were spent watching my kids on the soccer and football fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts and the summer recreation programs.

Competitions often included neighboring communities such as Bay Village and Westlake. During my school and community endeavors as a volunteer, PTA mom, assorted committees and Board of Education, I became aware of the important balance of academics and athletics in the life of youth.

I am now very concerned about the protests taking place locally and nationally against necessary decisions and guidelines during this COVID pandemic. As a retired RN with many years in the field of infection control, I understand the deadly outcomes caused by COVID across Ohio and the U.S.

One has to only read the tragic story of young actor Nick Cordero, recent findings that young people can be asymptomatic carriers and the delicate balance between shutting down life versus reopening the economy amidst a background of millions of cases worldwide.

Parents, students and residents need to accept today’s inconveniences (postponement of sports, remote learning, mask wearing, social distancing, etc.) to eradicate what has become a deadly pandemic. Instead of protesting or politicizing, it is time to work together and do what we need to do to survive this crisis.

Linda Schuler, RN
North Olmsted,

To the Editor:

Your (Portland) editorial gave three examples of the violence that occurred recently in Portland. And I won't dispute that they occurred at least partially as your editorial described them. However, from what I've seen, there were a lot of other examples that aren't anything like you described. I'll admit that most of what I've seen was on Fox News, but that is because the mainstream media chooses not to show anything but the so-called "NON-VIOLENT protesters".

In answer to your questions: "As a nation are we OK with this?" and "Are you OK with this?"

No, I am definitely not OK with the rampant lawlessness that is taking hold in a number of cities like Portland which are overwhelmingly run by Democratic administrations. And I am very fearful for my children and grandchildren that if the media continues to support this movement, as your newspaper seems to be doing, it will very soon arrive here where we live.

Jim Johnston
Avon Lake

To the Editor:

OMG. Hats off to Kathleen O’Brien of Avon Lake and her recent editorial regarding baseball, and not watching it again. As a matter of fact, we (my life partner) and I have said the exact same thing; only we are fed up with all sports, with the exception of the NHL. And the reason for not boycotting the NHL is because these are REAL MEN, who, when you watch the games, do not whine at anything. These men play the game for the LOVE of the sport. We need to move past the everyday mollycoddling of these EXTREMELY overpaid and very blessed athletes. It is time to shut up, play the game and in the aftermath of playing games, start donating your time, throttle your energy into a kid’s program, your community, and utilize a bit of kindness to someone or something who are not as extremely lucky and blessed as they are.

Linda A. Orient
Donald G. Bechard
Avon Lake

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