To the Editor:

The cornerstones of democracy are free elections. You can’t have a “government of the people, by the people and for the people” if the people being governed can’t vote.

To “delay” an election, especially a national election, is to cancel it and then hope that it will someday be rescheduled. Wannabe dictators somehow never get around to the rescheduling.

Trump’s “suggestion” that November’s election may have to be delayed was far more than that. It was a battle cry to his base and his sycophants in the GOP, telling them to get on board to promote his plan — since all signs point to his well-earned defeat.

At this point, many leaders have flatly rejected his conniving to stay in office. But they too, especially the Republican leadership (such as it is with almost blind loyalty to Trump), may weaken as they hear from their bases.

I’m not crying wolf. The wolf is already in the White House. The improbable has been happening since Trump was elected and ever since with his craziness in office. We can’t let the improbable continue. Let your representatives strongly know how you feel, losing your votes, if anything like this should happen.

Mel Maurer


To the Editor:

It’s no wonder why this world is so messed up, when 90% of the people feel and live in a very “entitled” bubble. And unfortunately, we have two prime examples of this in our very own Cleveland Indians, both of which are our two top pitchers. Yep, Plesac and Clevinger! It’s no wonder today's parents can’t, don’t and probably won’t get their own kids to follow simple rules, guidelines or instruction, when they have “mentors” like these two GROWN men who can’t seem to follow and abide by the simplest of rules. C’mon guys… it’s NOT rocket science! How disappointing and thoroughly irresponsible can you possibly get?! This is one of many, many reasons why we, the fans, are so fed up with these overly paid athletes, who are called “professional.” I see nothing professional about the lack of respect for their profession, their fellow team members, and the fans, no less! It’s time to realize… IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!

Linda A. Orient

Donald G. Bechard

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

The sentiments expressed by members of our community in the past two issues of West Life, fill me with profound disappointment.

From the comments about the Portland riots, to the implication that people who take a knee to are not “real men” to the “concern” expressed about the image of a Goodwill and Dollar General in a shopping plaza — I find myself amazed at the abject tone deafness to what is going on in our country right now.

I grew up here and have no illusions about the level of white privilege that is part and parcel of living on the West Side, but I also know that the embers of this community are, generally speaking, generous, kind and intelligent people with the capacity to open their minds to new ideas and their hearts to new ways of seeing people and the world around us.

Life has become overly politicized and, in many ways, we live in a binary world. If you do this, then you can’t possibly do that.

But here’s the thing, two things can be true at once.

I can support the peaceful protesters in Portland AND see the need for law enforcement to quell those who are violent. In fact, I can see the need for law enforcement to quell the violent protesters AND be outraged that they pepper-sprayed two of my friends who were part of the peaceful Wall of Moms protecting the peaceful protesters.

This is the source of my disappointment. I really believed that as a community we were better than this. Maybe I was wrong about the heart and spirit of this community.

But the good news is that I can be disappointed in what I’m seeing AND hopeful that others will add their voices to mine and together we will inspire change.

Stacy Hess


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