To the Editor:

With the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, what America needs more than anything is a national day of prayer. To the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and in the name of his son Jesus upon which our country was founded.

Flash back to Spring 1863 and the Civil War had become a stalemate. General Lee was on the offensive up the Shenandoah Valley. Congress called on, and President Lincoln declared a “national day of prayer and repentance.” It happened April 30.

Two battles, most historians agree, were the turning point in the war, Vicksburg and Gettysburg. The battle for Port Gibson, Grant’s first of five victories that netted Vicksburg, was fought May 1, 1863.

That same day the battle of Chancellorsville began in which Gen. Stonewall Jackson was killed May 2, mistaken for a Yank. His absence at Gettysburg (as well as his replacement, Jeb Stuart, losing communication with Lee there) were major factors in Lee’s defeat. Never again would the North be threatened.

As we’ve purged God and the Ten Commandments from our schools, for the first time in our history most of us claim no religion at all! We’ve followed our gods of materialism, career aspirations and hedonism into the cesspool that America has become. Where guns, pornography, drugs, abortion, gambling, racism, gay marriage and unbelief flourish. And murder hornets spotted lantern flies, army worms and a volatile Yellowstone perhaps lie in wat for devastation.

How much more will be judged by the increase in number and intensities of wildfires and hurricanes, this COVID plague and our recent debacles in Vietnam/Iraq /Afghanistan? Pray!

Jim Rotnem Jr.


To the Editor:

Regarding the Sept. 1 West Life article titled: Board of Education: Masks, misinformation and money

I found the article’s title and content to be misleading. In fact, I would describe the details as “cherry picked”.

The mask incident involving objections to wearing masks, audience protests, the President citing policy and motioning to call the police, lasted about 30 seconds. The description exaggerated the actual event. And West Life included a large picture of the police car out front. Really? Ironically, every board member and virtually all of the community members who spoke during the public portion of the meeting, touched, adjusted, removed below their chin or even drank, without ever sanitizing their hands. But there’s no problem here since they were wearing a mask.

Who and what are you referencing regarding misinformation? From the BV for Transparency organization? The School Board? Have you spoken with anyone from the BV for Transparency organization? Though some find the details from their website and mailing inconvenient, it doesn’t make them inaccurate.

The fact that the School Board has refused to answer ANY questions was completely ignored. They are responsible to this community and we are entitled to their public answers. All inquiries should be answered, including the lack of academic goals in their strategic plan. No legitimate organization would tolerate such nebulous prattle when setting goals. Regardless of our history of academic excellence, academic goals should always be first. Outcomes must be monitored and accomplishments measured. This strategic plan is weak, offers nothing of true substance, outcomes are unmeasurable and is therefore unacceptable.

Treasurer Megan Rohde’s financial update for the district was very informative and does show we are operating in the red.

Reporting should be unbiased and provide all pertinent information to your readers. This article did not meet those standards.

Leslie C. Patzwahl

Bay Village

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