To the Editor:

The SOUPer Bowl XI Food Drive for Community Resource Services (CRS) was held on Sept. 10. This annual food drive is a friendly competition between Avon and Avon Lake. Congratulations to Avon for winning this year’s SOUPer Bowl, although the real winner is CRS and the families served in Avon and Avon Lake.

This year the generosity from the two communities was overwhelming with $20,945 in monetary donations and 5,200 pounds of food. Since its inception in 2010, the SOUPer Bowl Food Drive has raised a total of 69,509 pounds of food and $134,021 in monetary donations!

Special thanks to the following individuals, businesses, and organizations for their support of the food drive: Kristina Buller, Kris Simecek, Brian Yarham of Eyring Movers, Pilot Travel Center, Sue Cole from the Avon Lake Transportation Department, Jim Blodgett from the Avon Transportation Department, the staff, the students and families at all of the schools in both Avon and Avon Lake and all the individuals who volunteered their time or made donations to ensure the success of this event.

The success of the SOUPer Bowl Food Drive is a true testament to the wonderful communities that we live in. Having so many get involved and contribute in this amazing way is incredible and will allow CRS to serve those in need right here in our community. It helps CRS continue its mission of helping our neighbors in Avon and Avon Lake.

Sheila Roth, special events/coordinator

Community Resource Services

To the Editor:

I wonder how many of us knew Sept. 17 was "Constitution Day."

This federal holiday commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, by 39 delegates. It begins with these three words... "WE THE PEOPLE". We all learned in high school Civics or Government class, the Constitution defines the structure of our federal government (and our FREEDOMS). It is the most remarkable political charter in history.

Remember always... there isn't ANY reason to NOT fight for our FREEDOM. It is who America HAS been, IS, and MUST continue to be! DO NOT settle for this mediocre BS; the shallow, shaming and dictating words, telling you how you should think, believe and accept a life of being dictated to. It is unacceptable and scandalous to our forefathers, who fought for all of us, to be able to live and thrive in freedom; especially in YOUR choices.

Linda A. Orient

Avon Lake

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