To the Editor:

As 36-year residents of Fairview Park, our roots go deep. Our mother, Pauline Nespeca, was a teacher in the Fairview Park City Schools (FPCS). Our two children are Fairview High School graduates. We know that strong schools make strong communities. We are thankful to the residents who supported the construction and renovation of the school buildings to create innovative 21st-century learning spaces.

Now after 14 years, voters are being asked to support the day-to-day operations of FPCS. Many may not realize that House Bill 920 passed in 1976 effectively forces schools to operate on fixed incomes without approval of new levies.

FPCS has done an exemplary job of using our tax dollars to provide outstanding educational opportunities while being fiscally responsible by stretching operating tax levy monies for years. School district budgets, as is true of all service organizations, are allocated primarily for people, high-quality teachers and support staff. No new monies will result in cuts that hurt our children in the classroom, extracurricular activities and sports.

If we want our community to be a desirable location with house property values maintained, we must now approve new millage. We urge you to vote yes for Issue 72.

William and Paula Deal

Fairview Park

To the Editor:

Hole, a foot and a half square, a foot deep, with pipe cap marked "WATER" near the corner of Lake Road and Highland Avenue in Avon Lake. Not good for tires, alignments nor suspensions.

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 4 p.m. Two men from the AL Water Department out talking to a neighbor about his problem. The apparent foreman of the pair was told about the street hazard. "We will fix it tomorrow." "For sure???" "For sure! I guarantee it!!!. By the way, his name is Kurt.

Wednesday, Sept 23, 10 a.m. Hole had been fixed! "Good work! Thanks, Kurt."

That is prompt service by the Avon Lake Regional Water Department. Thanks!

Bill Schubmehl

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

All too often, Cleveland and county elections for judges are decided on the basis of name recognition rather than qualifications. This is the “name game.”

Political parties, knowing that most voters unfortunately don’t do much, if any, research on judicial candidates, put forward candidates with known names and acquire votes on their names, even though the candidate may have had nothing to do with any merit the name may convey. We need to elect the best person, not the most recognizable named person.

This year the game is being played with the contest between Kenneth Callahan and Magistrate William Vodrey for judge in the Court of Common Pleas.

The well-qualified Vodrey has spent over a year in his campaign meeting and listening to people in community, religious and political groups earning their support. Mr. Callahan was picked by his party a few weeks ago to replace its preferred candidate (another “name candidate” who took himself out of his candidacy, accepting another position.)

Magistrate Vodrey doesn’t have a familiar name, but he does have excellent qualifications for the position – and many important endorsements earned over the last year. (Don’t take my word for this – check him out at www.votevodrey,com. I would refer you to Mr. Callahan’s website, but in the name game, you don’t need to bother with sharing your credentials, so Mr. Callahan doesn’t have a website).

As you will see on his website, Magistrate Vodrey is a man of great integrity, judicial knowledge and over 18 years’ experience. He is one of the most-qualified candidates to ever run for office in Cuyahoga County.

I strongly endorse William and will proudly vote for him. Please do your homework. When you do, I believe, you will proudly vote for him too.

Mel Maurer

To the Editor:

Last year, Ohio Sen. Matt Dolan added an amendment to the budget significantly reducing Hunting Valley residents’ property taxes and eliminating $5.8 million a year from Orange city schools.

Dolan, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, with help from the Batchelder Co., a well-connected lobbying firm, garnered support at the Statehouse for the amendment. He slipped the amendment into the biennial budget in a joint conference committee toward the very end of the review process, bypassing formal hearings.

Fortunately, Orange district officials spotted the amendment and the governor line-item vetoed it before the budget was approved.

Why would Dolan work to defund public education? A quick review of his campaign filings revealed that Dolan has benefited from Hunting Valley resident donations. Businessman Mal Mixon and his family gave Dolan’s campaign $2,500. Nursing home owner Brian Colleran and his relatives added $12,700 to the Republican senator’s campaign fund. Businessman Jon Lindseth and attorney Richard Hollington donated an additional $8,000.

Dolan’s Orange schools tax dodge attempt does not represent my expectations of funding for schools. Who does? Dolan’s opponent, Tom Jackson, does.

Tom Jackson will work to stop the siphoning of taxpayer funds from our public schools. He will ensure every child receives an excellent education, invest in public schools and colleges and demand accountability for all schools receiving public funds and vouchers.

Now that aligns with my values. I will vote for Tom Jackson for District 24 State Senate.

Lisa Chiu


To the Editor:

We have a truly unique president. His spectacular failure in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is legendary in terms of bureaucratic incompetence. His claim that it's all a Democratic hoax would certainly be a surprise to the 200,000 Americans the virus has already killed. It's not easy to die from a hoax, which is, by definition, imaginary. After all, REAL MEN AND WOMEN don't wear sissy face masks at political rallies where thousands of REAL MEN AND WOMEN, without masks, are jammed together. It's almost like a Democratic plot to infect our president's most reliable supporters. Hoaxes seem to be proliferating. Take the "Chinese Hoax" of climate change. If climate change was real, the entire West Coast would be engulfed by uncontrolled raging wildfires, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Americans forced to see their homes, and entire towns, burned to the ground. But, of course, we know that's all "fake news" from the Deep State media because our president said so. Indeed, how he finds time from his busy schedule of tweeting, watching TV and golfing to helpfully explain "alternate facts" to us is endlessly informative. And, let us not forget the unique feat of being able to spew forth 20,000 lies and misrepresentations in only four years, an achievement worthy of notice by Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Let us not forget the president's campaign has gleefully pointed out Biden and the Democrats are COMING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. Which is a pretty neat trick in a nation of 330 million citizens and 350 million guns. Indeed, given the optimistic assumption the government could confiscate one gun every second, certainly a model of government efficiency seldom achieved, it would only take five years to confiscate one-half of all existing guns in the U.S. (not, of course, counting the millions of guns citizens would buy on the black market) leaving us with only 175 million guns to go. Have to watch those commie Democrats. Soon they'll be spewing radical ideas like dealing with the pandemic so businesses can open and the economy improved.

We are especially glad the president has promised us a thorough and effective health care plan to replace Obamacare in two weeks. As a matter of fact, just to make sure we don't forget, he's made that promise every two weeks for over a year. In reality, the Republicans have developed a straightforward and 100% comprehensive health care plan, streamlined into only three words: DON'T GET SICK. Part B of the plan sets out practical regulations like "If you do get sick, tough it out." Part C includes free government health care for everyone just as soon as Mexico finishes building the border wall, and the good news is 3 miles are already done with only 1,951 miles to go. Of course Mexico hasn't paid for our 3 miles yet, but I'm sure they'll cough up the pesos soon.

Also noteworthy is the president's belief all of our military personnel are "suckers" and "losers" if they are wounded or killed in battle. How nice to have such a sensitive and empathetic commander-in-chief. One must admire the president's clever analysis of Democratic elections, too. If he wins because of his brilliant reputation, he stays president. If he loses, then by definition the election was rigged and he stays president. We haven't got to the question of "Why have an election at all?" yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

Finally, in terms of character, it's rather important a president be a role model for our children and grandchildren. Being old, I remember back in the old days when a man's word was considered his bond. The concept was elegantly simple: If your word was worthless, so were you.

Richard DeColibus

North Ridgeville

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