To the Editor:

The North Ridgeville City School District has three school board positions up for grabs on Nov. 2. I am writing in support of Kelly McCarthy, Marci Saxon and Jeff Grigsby.

Kelly and Marci have both served on the board for the past several years and have served with compassion, integrity and professionalism through some very tumultuous times. They had to make some very difficult decisions and did so with student and staff safety at the forefront of their minds every step of the way.

All three candidates have children who attend the schools and they care very deeply about the staff members and students who walk the halls every day. All three are very involved with various school committees and community organizations, which impact the lives of thousands of citizens of our community.

These three candidates are the best choice for our school board and will serve with pride to move our district forward and prepare our students for the future in a positive, healthy, safe environment.

Vote for Kelly McCarthy, Marci Saxon and Jeff Grigsby on Nov. 2!

Tonya Stillwell
North Ridgeville

To the Editor:

Our freedom to vote is under attack. Extremist lawmakers across the country are trying to put up barriers in order to make it harder to vote, and are successfully rigging elections by letting politicians choose their voters through gerrymandering.

Right here in our own state, legislators have proposed bills like HB 387, which would prohibit the use of drop boxes for voting or using a military ID as your voter identification. Someone who protects our country could not use that ID to vote! Also, even when Ohio’s secretary of state reports that election fraud is extremely rare, lawmakers are obsessing over curbing mail-in voting and early voting.

Additionally, our lawmakers have ignored the overwhelming consensus among Ohio voters for transparent, fair, bipartisan redistricting. They recently approved State House maps in a rushed single-party process, in which many of them could not be bothered to attend public hearings on the issue, and which resulted in an even more gerrymandered map than we previously had.

The Freedom to Vote Act would protect our right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, counter undemocratic and dangerous election sabotage efforts, and help to eliminate the undue influence of dark money in our elections. This type of legislation is incredibly popular in our country. If our senators truly value democracy, they will pass the Freedom to Vote Act. This will mean fixing the filibuster, which is preventing our senators from enacting important legislation like this.

Let’s help the country move forward and help current and future legislators get things done. To our senators: Fix the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act. To my fellow voting Ohioans: Let’s tell lawmakers that fair elections are critical to our freedom.

Liz Gerstenhaber
Rocky River

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of my friend and neighbor Jennifer Meyer, a candidate for Westlake City Council Ward 4 in this coming November’s nonpartisan election. Jennifer is a brilliant, hardworking, and devoted attorney, mother, and friend. She would be a superb choice for Westlake City Council.

Jennifer has dedicated her entire life to public service. After receiving her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, she went to work for the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, representing police and law enforcement officers in civil rights and nuisance abatement cases. Throughout her career Jennifer has also strived to protect the rights of victims. In 2020, she successfully defended in the Ohio Supreme Court a conviction involving the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl. She is now the assistant director of law and risk manager at the City of Parma.

Jennifer is also an active member of the Westlake community. She loves going to Indians games, Playhouse Square, local libraries and restaurants. She and her husband, Peter, have two wonderful children who attend Westlake City Schools and she is a member of both the Westlake Elementary PTA and Dover Intermediate PTA. She is a mentor for new attorneys through the Ohio Supreme Court New Lawyer Program and for potential and current college students through the “Cleveland College Now” Program.

Jennifer Meyer is running for city council because she cares about the safety and well-being of her community. As a neighbor, she sees firsthand the problems Westlake faces, and as an attorney she understands how local government can best be put to the task of solving those problems.

I am proud to know Jennifer and to call her a friend. Please consider a vote for Jennifer Meyer for Westlake City Council, Ward 4, this November.

Thank you!

Courtney Demko

To the Editor:

​​I must admit that after reading your 09/22/21 editorial “Toxic Politics...”, I was confused. I'm not sure what was toxic about the situation you described. How is it a loss for “the country,” let alone a loss for Ohio's 16th District? If (Rep. Anthony Gonzalez’s) vote to impeach President Trump didn't represent the position of most of the people he represents, do they not have the right to replace him? Wouldn't it be a loss if they didn't replace him?

I heard Rep. Gonzalez say that President Trump didn't have the right to present evidence for his defense before the vote. Up until four years ago that was standard operating procedure. It would seem that his vote was more in line with wanting to go along with the majority, rather than “being willing to put country over party.” Obviously he wasn't concerned about the Constitution. The fact that he supported some of the former president's agenda might be more about his willingness to be viewed as bipartisan.

Threats have no place anywhere in American life. They should not be tolerated, nor should they be coupled with disapproval. But are you suggesting that “deluges” are reserved for only positive comments?

I agree that Rep. Gonzalez's political future is unclear. Evidently he feels uncomfortable with Republican ideals, but it is hard to imagine he is comfortable with the progressive ideals of Democrats.

Bruce Baker
Fairview Park

To the Editor:

As a city councilman in Avon Lake for the past 13 years I am proud to support Jenefer Machovina for Avon Lake City School Board. Jenefer is an outstanding candidate who will always put the needs of our students and their families first. Her passion for our community and its schools is based on her 23 years of residency in Avon Lake and the fact that she has four children currently in the school system. Over the years, Jenefer has volunteered countless hours in our community to include serving with the PTA for over 12 years, assisting at Main Street Town Center, CRS and the Avon Lake Boosters. Most recently she has been selected as the Vice-President of the Avon Lake Library Board of Trustees.

With Jenefer on the Avon Lake School Board, parents should take comfort that she will always put what is best for students first and not allow partisan or divisive issues to negatively impact our award winning school district. Her professional background in performance improvement in financial services will help to ensure that all of our tax dollars are being spent in an honest and responsible way. She will work tirelessly to improve upon the outstanding reputation and accomplishments that Avon Lakers expect.

Voting has already begun. Please either make a plan to vote early in person, request an absentee ballot or vote at your polling station on election day. On Nov. 2, please join me in electing Jenefer Machovina to the Avon Lake City School Board.

David Kos

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

Welcome the Un-vaccinated? A caravan of over a thousand illegals is now headed to the USA. This is the 9th or 10th caravan during 2021 under Biden. These folks are coming for a better life. Who can blame them? However, none of them have been vaccinated for Covid-19. How is it that tens of thousands of illegals can enter the USA but USA citizens not vaccinated are unable to work in the Biden government? Also by using his dictatorial powers, Biden has banned non-vaccinated workers from being employed in many industries? Consider that no caravans

came to our borders in 2020 under President Trump. How will you feel when an unvaccinated illegal settles next door to you? That's coming if they keep coming!

Ken Kodger
Avon Lake


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