To the Editor:

A HUGE thank you to the two Avon Lake firefighters, Jim and Marcin, for rescuing two sleep-deprived seniors who were struggling with a chirping smoke alarm in the wee hours of the night.

My husband and I so appreciate your kindness.

Marlene Roehm

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

The article on the couple in Rocky River, in regards to their "political lawn ornaments" and Rocky River's city officials "considering a change in regulations for displays in residential properties" is very disturbing to us. Barbara Fazio stated "You don't need to be so tasteless," yet West Life approved and printed a full-page ad from a customer, calling our president a "3-D Ding Dong Don - Irrational Loudmouth - Fake President"! That, in itself, isn't tasteless?!!! Like him (Trump) or not, he was elected our president. What are we teaching our kids?

Rocky River city officials state the change is to "prevent accidents from happening, due to over-the-top displays." They additionally stated, and I paraphrase, "not aiming to take away anyone's freedom of speech, but for safety risks." Really?! That is EXACTLY what Rocky River city officials are attempting to do!

In our opinion, the largest part of this issue is not the size of the displays, but the TRUTH that is underlyingly shown in these displays. Simple fact — way too many people have very narrow minds and very "thin skin."

I say KUDOS to these Rocky River residents for voicing THEIR RIGHT to the First Amendment and for standing up to the obvious and pitiful poisoned politics and partisan ways! We all need to remember if we can't have, what some think as "dangerous" thoughts, and then we are forced to keep our thoughts/opinions private, and then even kept private off of our own tax-paying properties, do any of us really want to live in a country like that?! We sure don't!!!

When Rocky River starts paying this couple's house note, all other costs to maintain that gorgeous home AND their real estate taxes, then, and ONLY THEN, should they be told what they can or cannot display in THEIR yard!

Linda A. Orient and Donald G. Bechard

Avon Lake

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