To the Editor:

We’re so grateful our community came together to support Cuyahoga County Public Library’s first ballot issue in 12 years. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the services you have come to expect from the nation’s top-rated public library system.

Issue 70 will generate approximately $18 million annually and will allow the library to:

* Continue to operate CCPL’s 27 branches.

* Maintain virtual services, which have been critical during the pandemic.

* Preserve evening and weekend hours for students and residents who need access to computers and a reliable internet connection.

* Make necessary safety and security updates.

* Sustain a robust materials collection.

* Maintain critical services, like after-school homework help and training for job seekers.

This year more than ever, as your needs changed, we’ve changed – and now we can move into the future with the resources we need to continue to support students, families and individuals throughout Cuyahoga County.

Tracy Strobel, executive director

Cuyahoga County Public Library

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, I developed sudden onset pneumonia and found myself having difficulty breathing. I decided to call 911 for emergency care. The North Ridgeville Fire Department sent Lt. Kory Stearns, paramedic Kevin Pocos and paramedic Mike Williams to my home. I can’t tell you how very impressed I was with their professionalism, knowledge and compassion. They did an excellent job assessing the situation and then transporting me to St. John Westshore Hospital for further care. I felt you should know about these three exemplary members of North Ridgeville’s team of first responders. These three quality individuals are a major asset to any city.

Diane Roubaud

North Ridgeville

To the Editor:

I was a poll worker at the Rocky River Civic Center for the 2020 election. I spent the day outside with my bipartisan coworker, Andrew, directing traffic for the curbside voting, monitoring the 100-foot no-campaigning barrier and general crowd control. The Civic Center had 12 precincts, so the lines were long, but the day was beautiful. At one point, the line snaked around the Civic Center, through the parking lot and ended over by the courthouse, easily a two-hour wait. People were more than patient, only two I can remember being obstreperous.

Mid-morning I walked the outer perimeter of the Civic Center at Andrew's urging, and as I was doing so, an older woman touched me on the arm and sang, “You Are My Sunshine” to me. It was my inspiration for the remainder of the day. I explained curbside voting, saw people I knew and some I had not seen in years, listened to complaints about lines and political shenanigans and gave the only real response I could, “I'm just the piano player.” I was offered coffee and sandwiches by a great number of people, but only took them from my daughter and grandson. Although I infrequently went into the gym where voting was taking place, I could see my fellow workers were just as diligently at their jobs as I was.

The day ended with Andrew and I taking the memory sticks from the vote scanners to the Board of Elections downtown. I was honored and flattered to have the task of doing so. I was hesitant at first to work the election, but as the day progressed my gratitude grew at the opportunity to serve the community in which I live.

Edward Nolan

Rocky River

To the Editor:

My husband and I moved to North Ridgeville from Parma four years ago and I am not sure we moved to the right city. For the entire four years we have lived in North Ridgeville there has been some kind of construction on or around Center Ridge road. There are a number of vacant buildings in the city and yet they sell lots of land to companies to build on. On Center Ridge there was a beautiful field (next to AutoZone) that the city cleared and it sat empty for two years. A company bought the land and has built a large, horrible looking car wash. What does the city think that is going to do to the traffic on Center Ridge? I think the charm of North Ridgeville is the small-town feel, it’s why my husband and I bought here. I told my husband if we had not put money into the house we bought I would definitely be looking to move.

M. Tench

North Ridgeville

To the Editor:

First, I will wait, at this point in time, to see the final results but if it is determined Biden won the election — congratulations. One of the greatest achievements of our Republic is we have ALWAYS accepted a peaceful transfer of power.

Everyone is expecting Republicans to accept the results, when finalized, which we will. BUT your far-left group will turn and if they don’t get what they want, will turn on you. Or will you quietly sit back and do nothing. The German people quietly sat back and did not face the BULLY while millions of Jews died. If the far-left Democrats continue to bully we (will) all lose more than an election; we will be silenced and lose our freedom and our country.

David Glowe

Avon Lake

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