To the Editor:

In a recent Letter to the Editor regarding our November presidential election, the writer stated: "Everyone is expecting the Republicans to accept the results when finalized..." And then adds "your far left group will turn and if they don't get what they want will turn on you."

I must take exception to the writer's misstatement about "everyone" thinking one way.

Obviously the country is divided on that topic. Many voters on both "sides" predicted Trump antics during the ballot counting. I did not expect Trump to insist the voting and counting STOP. That surely is an irrational thing for a president to demand. If the writer is fearful of far-left Democrats, surely the writer should be equally afraid of far-right Republicans. Extremists on the continuum of the so-called left and the so-called right often share in their ways of thinking and acting.

Ann Seltzer

Avon Lake

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