A library is more than a building

Susan Condon Love

As I read about the efforts in Bay Village to re-imagine its library to fit current needs (think technology, meeting space, etc.), I can’t help but flash back to deep and happy memories of libraries, both from my own childhood and those of my children.

I grew up on Parklane Drive in Fairview Park, right off of West 210th Street. I was so proud when my parents let me walk alone to the old library there, nestled in a cozy brick building right next to Fairview High School’s football field. I would walk out of my parent’s tidy little white colonial, turn left on 210 and walk the two blocks or so. I carefully crossed the street (OK, I would have jaywalked because there was no light or crossing that I remember) to get to a narrow, long sidewalk between a house and the field. I knew once I reached that looooong sidewalk that I was almost there!

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