To the Editor:

What has happened here is a lesson for anyone buying a house or condo in a subdivision. He or she must look at the properties surrounding the subdivision, particularly if they are just woods or open land. Otherwise, you may buy into a problem like Wildberry’s. What the problem is, is not my issue. My issue is with the mayor’s


He offered to have Avon Lake, at 25 percent and the state at 75 percent, buy land adjacent to the development to make a park and eliminate their problem. However, he wants to use my and your tax money to buy it. To justify the Avon Lake treasury paying 25 percent of the money, he blames the city for creating the problem. Nice try, but it is not true. The developer and the homeowners’ association are solely responsible for their problem.

The proposed park would be used primarily by the immediate homeowners. If they want a park to solve their problem, they can pay for it and the maintenance.

Using Avon Lake taxes to solve a private problem is not ethical. It does not pass the smell test. That would be bringing Congress’ methods of doing business to our front door. In today’s political environment, that solution would be very unpopular with voters.

Bob Pocock

Avon Lake


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