Avon Lake

The Avon Lake Swim Team pulled out another win at home, this time against one of its biggest rivals, Mills Creek of North Ridgeville. Avon Lake defeated Mills Creek 597-392.

Avon Lake 597, Mills Creek 392

Female Open 100 Free: 1, Gabby Little, ALST, 1:15.44S. 2, Nichole Miller, ALST, 1:15.78S.

Male Open 100 Free: 1, Michael Callesen, ALST, 1:02.79S. 2, Trey Rhodes, ALST, 1:04.66S.

Female 08&U 100 Medley: 1, B ‘ALST’ (Lindsay Homolka, Phoebe Hood, Emma Sherban, Victoria Copfer), 2:05.07. 2, E ‘ALST’ (Ava Foos, Isabell N-Russell, Courtney Smith, Emma Kelley), 2:21.67.

Female 10&U 100 Medley: 2, A ‘ALST’ (Isabel Comer, Kaitlyn Hards, Ellen Guddy, Mallory Smith), 1:40.87. 3, C ‘ALST’ (Carolyn Homolka, Eileen Platten, Paige Schwark, Mackenzie Meiners), 1:42.19.

Male 10&U 100 Medley: 2, A ‘ALST’ (Owen Callesen, Connor McNeill, Austin Krupar, Patrick Anderson), 1:41.73.

Female 12&U 200 Medley: 1, B ‘ALST’ (Kaitlyn Baker, Isabel Farr, Alexandra York, Juliana Dotson), 3:14.14. 3, A ‘ALST’ (Emily Nusbaum, Julia Riepenhoff, Paige Hood, Sarah Durisek), 3:24.40.

Male 12&U 200 Medley: 2, C ‘ALST’ (Tommy Lavelle, Cole Schwark, Alec McNeill, Nicholas Simmerly), 4:08.85.

Female 14&U 200 Medley: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Lara Reinmann, Morgan Scott, Marissa Maiorca, Joan Colleran), 2:34.57. 3, B ‘ALST’ (Libby Smith, Theresa Klingshirn, Lizzie Kipple, Kristen Hards), 2:56.78.

Male 14&U 200 Medley: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Daniel Reed, Keegan Manderfield, Ryan Manderfield, Justin Bray), 2:43.80.

Female 18&U 200 Medley: 1, B ‘ALST’ (Gabby Little, Madeline Woyansky, Sarah Mohr, Brenna Gabriel), 2:32.39. 2, A ‘ALST’ (Jessica Lambert, Nichole Miller, Emily Reinmann, Madison McQuiston), 2:40.49.

Male 18&U 200 Medley: 1, B ‘ALST’ (Ethan O’Rourke, Anthony Spaetzel, Joey Lyons, Michael Callesen), 2:11.13. 2, A ‘ALST’ (Trey Rhodes, Ryan Kipple, Zach Collins, Daniel Konyk), 2:18.41.

Female 12&U 100 IM: 1, Libby Smith, ALST, 1:19.39S. 2, Halle Lumsden, ALST, 1:32.14S.

Female 14&U 100 IM: 1, Marissa Maiorca, ALST, 1:24.84S.

Male 14&U 100 IM: 1, Ryan Manderfield, ALST, 1:18.89S.

Female 18&U 100 IM: 1, Madeline Woyansky, ALST, 1:19.23S. 2, Brenna Gabriel, ALST, 1:31.04S.

Male 18&U 100 IM: 1, Ethan O’Rourke, ALST, 1:09.09S.

Female 06&U 25 Free: 1, Ava Shannon, ALST, 26.86S. 2, Elise Mercio, ALST, 30.38S. 3, Paige Machovina, ALST, 35.41S.

Female 08&U 25 Free: 1, Emma Sherban, ALST, 22.92S. 2, Katie McNulty, ALST, 23.30S.

Male 08&U 25 Free: 1, Adam Kelly, ALST, 25.58S. 2, Kyle Cornet, ALST, 28.51S. 3, Logan Hamilton, ALST, 31.70S.

Female 10&U 25 Free: 1, Kathryn Presley, ALST, 16.27S.

Male 10&U 25 Free: 2, Sean Shilliday, ALST, 19.95S.

Female 12&U 50 Free: 2, Isabel Farr, ALST, 43.69S. 3, Caitlin Novotny, ALST, 44.67S.

Male 12&U 50 Free: 1, Connor Buchanan, ALST, 43.27S. 2, Matthew Knecht, ALST, 43.37S.

Female 14&U 50 Free: 2, Joan Colleran, ALST, 35.48S.

Male 14&U 50 Free: 1, Keegan Manderfield, ALST, 32.25S.

Female 18&U 50 Free: 1, Sarah Mohr, ALST, 33.28S. 2, Jessica Lambert, ALST, 33.60S.

Male 18&U 50 Free: 2, Ryan Kipple, ALST, 29.33S. 3, Trey Rhodes, ALST, 29.40S.

Female 08&U 25 Fly: 1, Eva Ferrari, ALST, 31.00S. 2, Emma Kelley, ALST, 35.92S.

Male 08&U 25 Fly: 1, Mitchell Fedders, ALST, 29.36S. 2, Jack Petkash, ALST, 39.16S.

Female 10&U 25 Fly: 1, Sophie York, ALST, 19.68S. 3, Kaitlyn Hards, ALST, 24.11S.

Male 10&U 25 Fly: 1, Alec McNeill, ALST, 22.22S. 2, Austin Krupar, ALST, 23.24S.

Female 12&U 50 Fly: 1, Morgan Frank, ALST, 41.72S. 2, Paige Hood, ALST, 47.80S.

Male 12&U 50 Fly: 1, Marko Lukacevic, ALST, 46.79S.

Female 14&U 50 Fly: 1, Marissa Maiorca, ALST, 36.85S. 3, Theresa Klingshirn, ALST, 48.58S.

Male 14&U 50 Fly: 1, Ryan Manderfield, ALST, 40.50S. 2, Charlie Paflas, ALST, 47.06S.

Female 18&U 50 Fly: 1, Emily Reinmann, ALST, 34.64S. 3, Nichole Miller, ALST, 38.00S.

Male 18&U 50 Fly: 1, Michael Callesen, ALST, 31.71S. 3, Ryan Kipple, ALST, 33.11S.

Female 06&U 25 Back: 1, Jessica Kopf, ALST, 40.55S. 3, Hailey Rhodes, ALST, 49.24S.

Male 06&U 25 Back: 1, Ethan Hughes, ALST, 47.43S. 2, Luke Godlewski, ALST, 57.60S. 3, Matthew Sherban, ALST, 1:11.92S.

Female 08&U 25 Back: 1, Emily Presley, ALST, 27.08S. 2, Katie McNulty, ALST, 29.66S.

Male 08&U 25 Back: 1, Gavin Krock, ALST, 30.09S. 3, Joseph Lubertozzi, ALST, 33.81S.

Female 10&U 25 Back: 1, Ellen Guddy, ALST, 24.37S.

Male 10&U 25 Back: 2, Joey Carson, ALST, 25.69S.

Female 12&U 50 Back: 1, Alexandra York, ALST, 42.78S. 2, Anna Carson, ALST, 57.83S.

Male 12&U 50 Back: 1, Charlie Paflas, ALST, 42.22S. 3, Chase Schwark, ALST, 57.86S.

Female 14&U 50 Back: 1, Lara Reinmann, ALST, 41.90S.

Male 14&U 50 Back: 1, Daniel Reed, ALST, 36.57S. 2, Justin Bray, ALST, 52.52S

Female 18&U 50 Back: 1, Jessica Lambert, 38.90S, 2, Sarah Mohr, ALST, 40.52S. 3, Sarah Hessel, ALST, 46.71S. 4, Sarah Hess, ALST, 53.36S.

Male 18&U 50 Back: 1, Matthew Brand, ALST, 37.61S. 3, Joey Lyons, ALST, 38.13S.

Female 08&U 25 Breast: 1, Phoebe Hood, ALST, 28.03S.

Male 08&U 25 Breast: 2, Jack Petkash, ALST, 38.71S.

Female 10&U 25 Breast: 1, Kathryn Presley, ALST, 20.46S. 2, Eileen Platten, ALST, 26.09S.

Male 10&U 25 Breast: 1, Connor McNeill, ALST, 28.16S.

Female 12&U 50 Breast: 3, Kimmy Stawski, ALST, 56.42S.

Male 12&U 50 Breast: 2, Matthew Compton, ALST, 57.57S. 3, John Riepenhoff, ALST, 1:00.45S.

Female 14&U 50 Breast: 1, Morgan Scott 42.70S.

Male 14&U 50 Breast: 1, Keegan Manderfield, ALST, 45.03S. 3, Justin Bray, ALST, 50.66S.

Female 18&U 50 Breast: 1, Libby Smith, ALST, 39.64S. 3, Madison McQuiston, ALST, 52.89S.

Male 18&U 50 Breast: 1, Jacob Scott, ALST, 38.48S. 2, Anthony Spaetzel, ALST, 39.71S.

Female 08&U 100 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Halle Massie, Audrey Dickens, Eva Ferrari, Katie McNulty), 1:49.08. 3, B ‘ALST’ (Bree Lumpkin, Katie Lavalle, Cara Buck, Melanie Carr), 2:19.32.

Male 08&U 100 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Daniel Lambert, Mitchell Fedders, Gavin Krock, Jack Fazzio), 1:52.49. 2, C ‘ALST’ (Matthew Molnar, Joe Petkash, Jack Schindler, ), 2:05.06. 3, B ‘ALST’ (Adam Kelly, Joseph Lubertozzi, Dominic Fazzone, Logan Hamilton), 2:09.02.

Female 10&U 100 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Sophie York, Maggie Williams, Lauren Zeck, Kathryn Presley), 1:19.98. 3, B ‘ALST’ (Emma Okuma, Kylee Collins, Emma Sisson, Emma VanDenBossche), 1:34.85.

Male 10&U 100 Free: 2, A ‘ALST’ (Owen Callesen, Alec McNeill, Owen Bornhorst, Luke Fedders), 1:31.31.

Female 12&U 200 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Libby Smith, Farah Almhana, Anna Carson, Halle Lumsden), 2:33.03. 3, B ‘ALST’ (Hannah Sindelar, Emily Schillinger, Julia Riepenhoff, Kimmy Stawski), 2:59.84.

Male 12&U 200 Free: 2, B ‘ALST’ (Joe Krock, Chase Schwark, John Riepenhoff, Matthew Compton), 2:55.52. 3, A ‘ALST’ (Matthew Knecht, Trevor Cogar, Connor Buchanan, Marko Lukacevic), 2:59.72.

Female 14&U 200 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Morgan Scott, Lara Reinmann, Madeline Eisaman, Marissa Maiorca), 2:17.66.

Male 14&U 200 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Keegan Manderfield, Justin Bray, Charlie Paflas, Ryan Manderfield), 2:19.18.

Female 18&U 200 Free: 1, B ‘ALST’ (Sarah Hessel, Brenna Gabriel, Madeline Woyansky, Emily Kohl), 2:25.96. 2, A ‘ALST’ (Jessica Lambert, Isabel Farr, Nichole Miller, Madison McQuiston), 2:26.75.

Male 18&U 200 Free: 1, A ‘ALST’ (Trey Rhodes, Daniel Konyk, Mitchell Eichler, Ethan O’Rourke), 1:56.20. 2, B ‘ALST’ (Zach Collins, Matthew Brand, Jacob Scott, Ryan Kipple), 1:59.96.

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