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In what has been a wild tournament so far, the Brookside boys basketball team made it all the more exciting when they won an overtime contest to advance in the Division II state tournament. The Cardinals defeated Holy Name 57-56 in overtime thanks in large part to senior Stefan Moody and his 19 points in a game that came down to the wire. Moody also hit four 3-pointers.

Leading 28-25 at the half, the Cards knew they were in for a tough finish. Brookside head coach Brent Schremp knew it was going to be another nail biter for his squad, which beat Firelands 58-54 in a come-from-behind win three days earlier in the first round.

“I knew it was going to be a tough matchup,” Schremp said. “Any game in this tournament is going to be tough.”

It was in the second half where things went a little awry for the Cardinals’ offense, but thanks to great defense and free throw shooting down the stretch, Brookside took it into overtime and gave the fans a game that will be remembered for a long time.

“I was so excited with how things turned out,” Schremp said. “We have had some ups and downs this season, but when we needed it we came through. We finished the game coming from behind and took it to overtime. Our kids worked hard and played great defense and hit their shots when it mattered most. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

With Moody’s great game and Nick Jackman’s 11 points and one 3-pointer, Schremp was clearly happy with the way his team excelled both offensively and defensively, especially down the stretch when it mattered most.

“Stefan came through and had some big shots,” Schremp said. “Jackman added to the point total and came through on the defensive side. The entire team played great defense and made some free throws that got us back in the game. We were making big baskets and the way the defense was playing, I knew it was going to be great.”

Mike Harrison also reached double figures for Brookside, scoring 10 points. Art Howell and Chris Matthias added six points apiece. Hunter Skolnicki and Luke Ackerman each scored four points.

Next up for the seventh-seeded Cardinals will be West Shore Conference champion Bay, the No. 1 seed in the bracket. Schremp knows it will be a tough matchup for his squad and realizes even with the win over Holy Name, the Cards will have to fine-tune their games to beat the Rockets.

“Bay is a tough team and they are going to be competitive,” Schremp said. “They shoot the ball well and we can’t turn the ball over against them. They will make you pay for your mistakes, so we just have to work hard, keep our turnovers to a minimum and make our shots. Whenever you play somebody that wins the WSC, you know they are going to be tough.

“We have to work on not making mistakes. That team can take advantage of mistakes and turn a game completely in their favor, so we will definitely work on that at practice this week. We will need good quality defense on their shooters who shoot the ball very well. We also need to shoot the ball well with minor turnovers. If that happens and we stay competitive like we did against Holy Name and Firelands, then it will be a great matchup.”

The Cardinals play Bay at 7 p.m. tonight in the district semifinals at Westlake High School.

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