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Quinn Cantleberry may just be a 14-year-old preparing for the eighth grade at Learwood Middle School in Avon Lake, but the talented athlete is already turning heads with his hard work. A participant in basketball, football, baseball and track, Cantleberry was recently the winner of the 3rd Annual Joseph E. Bradley Camp Fighting Scot Basketball Scholarship.

Named after the late Joe Bradley, a member of the Avon Lake High School Sports Hall of Fame and coach in Avon Lake for more than 30 years, the award is given to student athletes who exhibit the skills most associated with Bradley’s coaching philosophies, including hard work, dedication, teamwork and passion for the game.

“I was notified about the Joe Bradley Scholarship by my seventh grade coach, Tad Smith,” Cantleberry said. “I think I was able to elevate my game last year with the help of great teammates around me. When I found out about winning the scholarship, I was both humbled and proud.”

Joe’s son, Craig, said his father started following the College of Wooster basketball program during his playing career between 1991-95. During this time, Bradley would take his seventh grade team to Wooster for a scrimmage, followed by a trip to a College of Wooster game. He continued this tradition until he passed away in 2008.

“My father was a proud supporter of Wooster and the basketball program,” Craig said. “Hundreds of Avon Lake student-athletes attended Camp Fighting Scot based on his recommendations. Upon his passing (Wooster’s) Coach (Steve) Moore contacted me with the idea of honoring my father. He came up with the idea of giving a scholarship annually to an Avon Lake middle school student-athlete in my father’s name.”

Moore said Wooster is pleased and honored to provide the scholarship to Camp Fighting Scot in Bradley’s memory.

“Coach Bradley was an outstanding junior high coach and role model for hundreds of young men over the years,” Moore said. “Excellent coaching at the junior high level is so important to building a top-notch high school program. Avon Lake was blessed to have Coach Bradley.

“The College of Wooster Basketball program and Camp Fighting Scot were very fortunate to have Coach Bradley as a supporter and friend for so many years.”

Cantleberry said he was thankful for the guidance and instruction he received from his middle school coaches, Smith and Michael Kotowski, as well as the opportunity to participate.

“They made a huge effort to promote teamwork and good sportsmanship,” he said. “I really benefited from the individualized instruction at the Fighting Scot camp, and the variety of coaching styles and experiences.”

Moore said Cantleberry had an excellent week of camp.

“Quinn is a very talented young basketball player with a lot of potential,” he praised. “He worked very hard during the camp and was very receptive to teaching and coaching.”


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