North Ridgeville

By Ryan Kaczmarski

The Lorain County Hot Stove Tournament continued last week, which also was the first rounds for the EE, GG and HH divisions. The GG North Ridgeville Family Dentistry team battled valiantly in its opening game, but lost to Midview North Ross Environmental, 17-15, in a three-hour and three-minute marathon game.

At one point in the game North Ridgeville was down 15-1, but in the bottom of the fourth inning it took advantage of some poor pitching by Midview North and strung together a couple of RBI hits, five bases-loaded walks and a sacrifice fly to make the score 15-10 going into the fifth inning. Midview North tacked on a couple more runs in the top of the sixth, but North Ridgeville answered back in the bottom of the inning to make it 17-12 going into the seventh and final inning. North Ridgeville’s Derrick Wolf put down the final three Midview North batters in order in the top of the seventh to set up his team for the comeback victory, but it was not to be, as North Ridgeville could only muster three more runs to make the final 17-15.

“We fall behind every game and today we couldn’t catch up,” North Ridgeville head coach Joe Romito said. “It’s kind of typical for our season right there. Out of the 20 or so games we played this year, we’ve been down 4-0 in the first inning about 12 or 13 times. We just started out slow, and it hurt us today.”

North Ridgeville squandered two bases-loaded opportunities in the second and third innings that could have made the difference in the game.

“We never got that big hit, the three-run double, that we needed to crush the other team,” Romito said. “We’ll learn next year playing at this level.”

The last North Ridgeville team that played last week was the HH North Ridgeville Gladiators 3 team. It beat the Midview North Specialscapes, 20-7. It will face the Medina Swarm at Columbia Station in the next round.

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