As the fall season comes to a close, a host of area athletes have been named to all-league, all-district and all-Ohio awards lists.

Greater Cleveland soccer

The Greater Cleveland Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association released its annual awards lists for Divisions I-III last week. In Division I boys, St. Ignatius’ Luciano Pechota was named Player of the Year, while Avon’s Chris Dore was named Coach of the Year.

Locally, the First Team included Logan Brown (Avon), Zach Glesius (Avon Lake), Owen Reyes and Ryan Sanborn (North Olmsted), Brendan Moher (St. Edward), Zsombor Onodi, Josip Rimac and Nolan Spicer (St. Ignatius) and Justin Shreffler (Westlake). The Second Team included Sean Wilson (Avon), Eli Ladue (Lakewood), Kyle Matko and Gannon Graf (North Olmsted), Konstantinos Panagiotou (North Ridgeville), Cole Sigan (Olmsted Falls) and Basheer Alramahi (Westlake).

In Division II, Bay’s Ethan Jacobs was named Player of the Year and Rocky River’s Kevin Zerbey was named Coach of the Year. The First Team included Million Evans, Connor Bozak and Aidan Bush (Bay), Ryan Farkas (Fairview), Braden Lamb (Lutheran West) and Gold Rustemaj (Rocky River). Danny Kruzer and Alec Carras (Bay), Dorian Blazevic and Ben Weir (Fairview), Jacob Bacho (Lutheran West) and Hogan Kern (Rocky River) made the Second Team.

The Division I girls Player of the Year was Avon’s Makenzie Muir, with Avon Lake’s Brian Salco being named Coach of the Year. Mara Jaracz and Ariana Vakos (Avon), Ella Grode and Andrea Parker (Avon Lake), Julia Kure and Marin Pechota (Magnificat), Bella Antonio (North Ridgeville) and Sophia Kontak (Westlake) made the First Team. Making the Second Team were Rachel Sheehan and Sarah VanEuwen (Avon Lake), Anna Badar (Magnificat), Sarah Miller (North Ridgeville) and Sydney Peer (Westlake).

Chagrin Falls’ Peyton Gellin was named the Division II Player of the Year, with her coach, Pam Malone, named Coach of the Year. McKenna Klodnick of Rocky River was named Assistant Coach of the Year.

Tessa Knapp and Brooke Anderson (Bay) and Taylor Byall, Sophia Murray, Mackenzie Russell and Addie Harris (Rocky River) all made the First Team. The Second Team included Rory Marcis, Abby Smith and Alexis Knapp (Bay), Eva Koczur (Fairview) and Ava Patti (Rocky River).

All-Ohio volleyball

Kate Latkovic, the head volleyball coach at St. Joseph Academy, was named a Division I Coaches Achievement Award recipient last week, following the conclusion of the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s state tournament.

In Division I, the Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association’s All-Ohio First Team included Kirsten Barrett (SJA). M.E. Hargett (Westlake) and Kylee Urban (Olmsted Falls) made the Second Team, and Abbey Havrilla (Magnificat) and Cadence Shea (SJA) made the Third Team. Riley Victor (Olmsted Falls) was an Honorable Mention.

In Division III, Brookside’s Jenna Rothman was named an Honorable Mention.

All-district football

As voted on by area members of the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association, the Northeast Lakes District football teams were announced last week.

St. Edward quarterback Christian Ramos was named the Division I Offensive Player of the Year. Locals making the First Team offense included Ramos and teammate Joe Lavelle, as well as Zeb Eldridge of St. Ignatius. The First Team defense included Michael Kilbane and Zyion Freer-Brown (St. Edward) and Peter Chalhoub and Griffin Taliak (St. Ignatius).

The Second Team offense included Marty Lenehan, Ashton Montgomery and Brian Keane (St. Ignatius) and Danny Enovitch and Giovanni Kennedy (St. Edward). Wyatt Gedeon, Joel Castleberry and Ben Lavelle (St. Edward), and Chris Aerni (St. Ignatius) made the Second Team defense.

The Division II Offensive Player of the Year was Olmsted Falls’ Rocco Conti, while the Defensive Player of the Year was Lakewood’s Tico Jones. First Team offense: Sam DeTillio, Jakorion Caffey, Tim Conwell, Luke Hamilton and Nathanial Vakos (Avon), Conti and Dominic Rivera (Olmsted Falls), Joe Lubertozzi (Avon Lake) and Xavier Balson (North Olmsted). First Team defense: Jones (Lakewood), Avery Viancourt, Peirden Pepe and Owen Wiley (Avon Lake), Gavin Beasley (North Olmsted), Ryan Ptacek (Avon).

Second Team offense: Hakeem Quran (Lakewood), Jared Kelley (North Olmsted), Jake DePaul (Avon Lake), Charlie Ciolek (Olmsted Falls). Second Team defense: Austin Mitchell, Trevor Norman and Gavin Ehrhardt (Avon), Dain Bartlebaugh (North Ridgeville), Angel Jiminian (Westlake), Luke Dieckman (Olmsted Falls), Keegan Rudduck (Avon Lake).

Rocky River senior Tommy Bebie was named the Division III Defensive Player of the Year. First Team offense: Aiden Andrako (Rocky River). First Team defense: Bebie, Braedon Spies (Rocky River). Second Team offense: Pawie Ault, Trevor Prudhoe (Bay), Stan Hueler, Johnny Bebie, Mack Massad (Rocky River). Second Team defense: Brendan Spellman (Bay).

Division IV First Team offense: Eddie Lewis (Lutheran West). First Team defense: Karson Nail, Kenny Grobolsek (Brookside). Second Team defense: Dimarion Gill (Lutheran West), Jake Montgomery (Brookside).

Division V First Team defense: Nate Glanc (Fairview).

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