North Coast Rotary Club

Photo courtesy of North Coast Rotary Club

North Coast Rotary Club President John Crooks, left, Avon High School junior Abigail McNicolas, Avon Lake High School sophomore Marguerite Smith and Avon Lake High School senior Alex Petroff

AVON LAKE - Avon Lake High School senior Alex Petroff and sophomore Marguerite Smith placed first and second, respectively, at the recent North Coast Rotary Club 4-Way Test Speech Contest. Avon High School junior, Abigail McNicolas placed third.

Each spring, high school students from Avon, Avon Lake and Brookside high schools compete in the Speech Contest, which is sponsored by the North Coast Rotary Club. The contest gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their public speaking skills while highlighting Rotary’s values.

Rotarians have long promoted high ethical standards, and the “Test” asks that of the things we think, say and do: 1) Is it the Truth; 2) Is it Fair to all concerned; 3) Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships and; 4) Will it be Beneficial to all concerned.

Students develop their own material applying the Rotary Four-Way Test to an important issue in their everyday relationships.

Petroff's speech focused on political polarization. Smith addressed disconnecting from technology. McNicolas, whose mother is from the Netherlands, addressed immigration policies.

Petroff now advances to the district-wide competition to be held this spring.

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