To the Editor:

A Swedish woman Beatrice Fihn, 35, is the 2017 Nobel Peace Laureate. She founded “I Can,” which is an organization now of 468 groups of nuclear activists who work to rid the world of nuclear, all 15,000, weapons.

In 2017, the U.N. finalized a treaty that prohibits all nuclear weapons. U.S. U.N. Ambassador Nicky Haley said “There is nothing I want more for my family than to have a world with no nuclear weapons.”

If enough people in the world become convinced of that, public pressure on world leaders may change course in regards to these obscene high tech devices.

If you really care for your children’s future, read “Time Magazine” Dec. 25, 2017 about the grave concern nuclear scientists have. They estimate 100 million people will perish in the first half-hour of an all-out nuclear war.

Pete Penn

Sheffield Village

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